French Cult Favorite ‘Wakfu’ Premieres on Netflix in the U.S.

Since its premiere in France in 2008, “Wakfu,” an anime styled fantasy-adventure series created by Roubaix, France-based company Ankama, has picked up a dedicated fanbase, even in countries where it hasn’t officially aired like the United States.

Patreon Offers a New Way to Crowdfund Animation

There are countless crowdfunding sites nowadays, but none have offered a viable alternative that challenges Kickstarter and Indiegogo’s dominance. Patreon may change that though. The crowdfunding site offers a twist on the crowdfunding model that may prove attractive to filmmakers who want to produce content regularly.

Crowdfund Fridays: “The Last 40 Miles”

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An Open Letter to Glen Keane

Dear Glen, Since last Friday’s news that you’re leaving Disney, you’ve launched a new parlour game What Will Glen Keane Do? Everyone …