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The Making of Timmy’s Christmas

Timmys Christmas

Mike Nassar has written a super-detailed blog post documenting every step of how he and a few other artists produced Timmy’s Christmas, a one-minute Flash short completed in a week. Kudos to Nassar for being so open about his techniques and production pipeline. Whether one is already an expert in Flash or not, it’s fascinating to read such a comprehensive account of how a Flash cartoon was created.

  • Nice, a whole short made in a week.

    Only wish they were more imaginative when designing Timmy’s character. It’s a backwards lash at John K.

  • Gobo

    It’s great seeing people use tools like this in creative ways. I’m sure in 20 years people will be writing books about The Flash Look, featuring Mucha Lucha and Foster’s Home, but hand-drawn wacky animation in Flash is great to see. Love the expressions!

  • such a great “bookmark worthy” post! If that was done in a week i can’t wait to see what Mike will do with a month or two!

    Looking forward to the http://www.ToonHole.com site to go up!

  • RedzeR

    O my gowd! It’s so squuuooowwwssshhhy and CUTE! I can’t believe this was done in a week!

    Design should not be the main focus of a cartoon. I think that the theories used while drawing timmy have allowed the creators to convey some great emotions and funny expressions… As opposed to looking at the same boring ass drawing with pieces of it sliding around on the screen (i could care less.) Get over your ‘perfect drawing’ and learn to have some fun, like these guys did! :)

  • Hey, thanks you for the kind words. A week was pretty nuts. also, Aleksandar, thanks for the honest crit. We’re not trying to backwards lash any design specific “styles”. But I understand that you didn’t dig it.

    Although, I’m very into Sokol, Watterson, Wildey, Frazetta, Segar, Wendling, Sanders, etc, I personally don’t think I’ll shake the influence of Avery and John’s work (also Jim Smith, Mike F. and Vincent waller, etc. etc).
    I learned to draw (and I think the rest of the guys too) by copying their stuff when I was 10. Before getting into figure drawing, perspective and life painting 8 years later in college.

    We drew in a style that was natural to us in order to achieve entertaining drawings and acting in such a quick time. We weren’t trying to stick to someone else’s design model or reinvent our work in 30 allowed hours for animation. As long as the stuff was clear and funny.

    Besides we’re a pack a strays, group of no-talent-hacks just trying to make cartoons on our own.

    Thanks guys. hopefully more personal toons to come within the next month or so.

  • Wow, great info! Thanks so much for posting this! :D

  • Paul N

    I have no trouble believing this was done in a week…

  • Mike, I’m not flat out criticizing, I think it’s great you guys are pulling your talents together to make something like this!

    As with the John K. influence, it’s just something a lot of my friends can’t shake either. I drew like that too when I was younger. Really though, the influence is apparent on the way the animation is timed.

    For what it’s worth though, good job. I look forward to seeing more of your guys’ work.

  • Ziggy Zarcowski

    I think it was done in a week for sure , they had a few people working on it.Drawing straight into Flash you can get stuff done pretty quick.