“The Myth of Robo Wonder Kid” by Joel Mackenzie

Halifax animator Joel Mackenzie has created a mini-epic using P:U:S:H by Rich Aucoin as his track. Yeah, its derivative of contemporary cable TV cartoons, but it has its own energy, style and charm to spare. I’m liking it.

(Thanks, Michael Valiquette)

  • christy

    wow this is awesome-i love the composting and how organic it looks-great work!

  • Bob Harper

    If cable TV cartoons looked like this I’d watch them more often.

  • http://marcklopp.tumblr.com MarcKlopp

    This is fantastic! I wasn’t liking the characters or story much at first but it really grew on me for the 3 minutes.

  • Glowworm

    That was really cool–loved the exploding heart rainbow.

  • http://www.portfolio-powell.blogspot.com Chris Powell

    Really stinkin DUG that! Alot!

  • Chris

    Coooooool! Great pacing and while I’m not usually a fan of this design aesthetic it really sucked me in to the visual language of the world.

  • 4er

    super cute and creative! great song too!

  • alan

    aye, aye, thats the good stuff!

    • Ann Frances

      Sooo cute! And original. Great song too.

  • Geneva

    I really liked this a lot!! Good stuff, very fun!