“The Night We Were Kings” “The Night We Were Kings”

“The Night We Were Kings”

A beautiful example of pure visual storytelling. Gobelins students Chloé Nicolay, Manddy Wyckens, Anthony Lejeune, Gaspard Sumeireand Léa Justum animated this short during their summer internship at Cube Creative in Paris.

  • Jen

    Nice graphic. I really do wish, however, that Gobelin taught or supported Character Animation.

  • Skeptical

    More like self-consciously stripped-down storytelling: cutting dialog, exposition, context, acting, and conventional narrative in favor of music, color, and a series of borrowed images (I could recognize what movies they were borrowing from about half the time).

    Jen, I don’t think you’re correct about Gobelin’s not teaching character animation. I know a lot of people like to slam Gobelin’s students for only doing chases, or being to art design-driven, but some very good character animators have come from the school.

    • butt

      ive seen shit stories that had dialog, exposition, acting, so what’s your point? is it like animators have to prove everything they’ve learned and know how to do by cramming it into every short they ever produce? how backwards thinking and conventional is that?

      • Occams Breadknife

        See Mike Johnson’s comment below. I also don’t think animators need to be groundbreaking everytime they make a short.

        And keep in mind this was an internship production, for chrissakes – no one’s expecting an oscar nod here.

  • cbat628

    Very atmospheric and really nice to look at. I know a number of people will say that it’s too overly-sentimental and they have a point, but I’m a sucker for a love story.

    Also, I really like Cube’s previous work. Good job guys!

  • Mike Johnson

    I think this is fine as it is. I don’t get the feeling that the animators were attempting to do anything more than what we get: a music video aesthetic, where they are concerned primarily with pure emotion and sensation as opposed to any sort of intellectuality. I liked it a lot.

  • It’s marvelous! Charming and moody and cute. Reminds me of college.