“The Orange” by Nick Fox-Gieg “The Orange” by Nick Fox-Gieg

“The Orange” by Nick Fox-Gieg

The Orange is a droll and effective piece of storytelling directed by Nick Fox-Gieg and based on a story by Benjamin Rosenbaum. It was created in Flash and AfterEffects. Gieg’s earlier short A Good Joke is another fun diversion.

  • Someone

    Wow, nice short. Not the kind I usually like but I did like it.

  • This played for the ASIFA-East jury this year and I really enjoyed it. Beautiful writing especially.

  • Yeah, I saw it at the same screening.
    I thought it was entertaining but had a Hertzfeld feel to it that was hard to shake.
    It doesn’t look that good either, except for that close up wobbly orange at the head and tail which is GREAT.