“The President of the Universe” by Mike Carlo

The President of the Universe by Queens, NY-based animator Mike Carlo was one of the shorts that premiered last week at the Midsummer Night Toons event. The humor won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s some nice cartoony artwork throughout, and animated in Flash no less.

Directed and animated by Mike Carlo
Color and edit: Al Pardo
Sound Design and musical score: Joey Spallina
Music producer: Christina Tortorelli
Voices: Mike Carlo, Christina Tortorelli
Sound recorded at Tonefarmer

(Thanks to Celia for the link)

  • I love it. Really, it’s very well done. Hope he makes more cartoons.

  • Mike is a terrific animator and a terrific bloke, too.

  • NC

    10,000% LOVED IT! Especially that beginning character animation. I spotted a very well placed nod to Chuck Jones in there. I am a fan!

  • Bob

    Yes! Terrific animation. Hilarious.

  • Joe Cappabianca

    An awesome piece of animation from one of NYC’s best animators, I can’t stop watching this, Congrats to Mike!

  • Andy Gonsalves

    Mike did an amazing job with this film. I haven’t seen quality animation like this in a long time.

  • Awesome! Aside from the great animation, it has great voice acting and overall direction. He should have a show on TV.

  • Awesome, awesome work, Mike. But you already knew that coming from me :) Congrats.

  • Ditto to all of the above. Awesome job!

  • Kevin H.

    Great job Mike and Al! Those two are super talented and really nice guys.

  • What more can really be said…
    Just happy to have been involved,
    It’s just begun Mike, keep em’ coming….

  • simon

    Fantastic work, hilarious. Nice job Mike.

  • FP

    Cheez. It’s like a best-of animation festival every day around here.

    That was cool as heck.

  • Mike Carlo is amazing at what he does, and a super cool dude – thank you for posting this. It was a real treat to see this projected on the (small) big screen last week.

  • Magnusson

    I’m glad this film is online. I really liked it when I saw it at Midsummer.

  • Really great work guys!!

  • Amazing! Very funny, and he makes it look so easy.

  • WOW! This is better than NYC pizza!!!

  • Great job Mikey! You are a constant inspiration to me!

  • Great cartoon!

  • Fantastic animation! Funny drawings too.