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“The Red Heels” by Olesya Shchukina

The Red Heels

For my money, cut-out animation is still one of the most charming animation techniques when done well. Take for instance The Red Heels (Les Talons Rouges) by Olesya Shchukina. The Russian-born animator produced the cut-out piece at the French animation school La Poudriere for an assignment to make a one-minute film from a child’s point of view. Watch The Red Heels on her website.

  • Wow! That’s amazing! Thanks Amid for sharing this stuff! And congrats Olesya for your work!

  • Brilliant! This is definitely one of the better cut-out animations I’ve seen. I love the end credits, too!

  • Absolutely loved this!

  • I absolutely love cut-out animation! I wish more animators would start using it instead of all this CGI crap.

  • A really nice short film. Fantastic design.

  • Refreshing design and animation treatment, great audio, fantastic end credits idea. Very nicely meets the described objective – showing something from child’s point of view.

  • Cut-out is one of my favorite aniamtion mediums. Ever since I saw “Hedgehog in the Fog” I was hooked.

  • mitten

    …really, really liked this. And my wife says I don’t like anything.

  • VERY NICE–Love it! Thanks for posting it.

  • Thank you a lot for all your comments! I’m really pleased that my film got to Cartoon Brew.

  • Hello ! Like Olesya, I did a one-minute film in La Poudriere, this time it is digital cut-outs. If you want, you can watch it at