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The Shaker Brothers

Way back in September 2006 we pointed towards a promising new short, produced as a labor of love by a small animation collective in Chicago, ChewBone Animation. The piece is now complete and lives up to its promise. Check out the finished film, The Shaker Brothers (and its modest production blog here). Congrats to BJ Crawford and his crew.

  • Very fun animation! Kudos to the team! Great character and FX animation! Timed out to the music too. I wish there was more stuff like this around.

    I wish they would make such a beautiful film a bit bigger on their website. It’s encoded into the page so small I feel like a lot of the subtlety of the film grain and warmth is kinda being lost. Any chance we could get a bigger version to enjoy even more?

  • Some Beautiful animation in the film. However, I felt it could have been a bit stronger in terms of the conflict between the salt and pepper guys. I think it needed some stronger gags, or a bigger pay off in the end. It reminds me a bit of One Man Band by Pixar. But overall, fantastic production and the animation is top notch.

  • I had followed the production blog back in 2006-07 . (pencil tests and stuff) . First time seeing the whole film. Congrats to the crew at Chewbone Animation.

    The film is well-designed and beautifully animated . Very dimensional drawings . I like that they kept a slightly sketchy line quality to the final drawings . There’s a great photo on their blog of what 6-minutes of hand-drawn animation looks like:

    What 6 minutes of animation looks like

  • Beautiful and charming. :)

  • Awesome to see BJ’s film getting props here! It’s such a well made short, and even more-so just well animated (but he already knows I think that!).

  • Fantastic. Great character designs and excellent timing. The characterizations are great too. I hope this makes all the major festivals.

  • Richard Gadd

    Really really nice short. Would like to see it on a proper screen.

  • Charming, lovely, and refreshing to see a piece that relies so much on performance as opposed to voice and character script. Wish the destination was as gratifying as the journey though. . .

  • Diana

    BJ is an old and dear friend. We did some teaching together a few years ago, and our mutual love of traditional animation and films scores were the source of hours of fascinating conversation. so glad to this piece up and running!

  • Sammuel

    If South Park, Life and Times of Tim, etc… are the radio waves of animation’s electromagnetic spectrum, then this would be the gamma rays. For all the hard work and enjoyable visuals in this film, I can’t help but feel sad that it wasn’t accompanied by at least one funny gag or interesting story direction. While many people in animation can enjoy a film like this based purely on the way it is visually, it still leaves me with a feeling as empty as many of the people here would have when watching family guy, and dissaproving of the bland backgrounds and animation. Because there are people who appreciate the excellent draftsmenship and style of this film, It surely wasn’t done for nothing.

  • Great job on the film, BJ & Joe! Extremely proud of you guys. I know just how hard it is to get something like this finished, let alone off the ground. Loved the animation, the character designs, the concept. Okay, can I grab you guys to help me out on MY short film, now?

    Congrats on a job well done!

  • aaron

    Beautiful work and very inspiring! I loved the energy and joy you were able to get into the animation, kudos!

  • Congrats B.J. Well done.

  • I loved the pencil tests I found on YouTube- it was awesome to see the final piece. Great job to all involved!

  • Tony

    It was well animated but there wasn’t anything that grabbed me. It wasn’t very funny and the backgrounds weren’t that interesting. It was about as mundane as a cartoon from the 20’s but a little less funny and better animated.

  • Congratulations BJ!!!! You and Joe did an amazing job on this. Those long hours really paid off! ;)

  • Kelly

    Beautiful animation and wonderful sense of atmosphere, not to mention the piano track – would love to have that in my iTunes mix, actually. Perfect period cartoon music. (I’ll take this opportunity to mention that I worked with BJ in Minneapolis long ago and he’s a pretty funny guy for an animator.) Good job, man – and to Owens and the rest of the crew.

  • Congrats! Job well done!!! :D

  • K. Borcz

    Congrats to BJ! You’re on CartoonBrew!! :)