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“Thumb Snatchers From the Moon Cocoon” by Bradley Schaffer

Thumb Snatchers From the Moon Cocoon is an unabashedly wild, funny, action-packed gem of a cartoon. Self-conscious references to B-movie genre tropes appear throughout, but the short has a fresh outlook by focusing the action around its lead character—an over-the-top short-fused Texan sherriff.

The craftmanship of the short inspires admiration, as does Schaffer’s cinematic approach to stop motion, which deserves a big-screen Hollywood outlet. Thumb Snatchers is a CalArts graduation film directed and written by Bradley Schaffer, and animated by Cooper and Ashley Arechiga, who was also the lead puppet fabricator and effects artist. Check out the film’s official website.

(Thanks, Kevin Parry)

  • Little visual homages to Space Ghost Coast to Coast and MST3K in there. Well done.

  • Kelly Mazurowski

    Max Winston’s original music score on this totally ROCKS!

  • Toonio

    Entertaining animation the way it should be. Forget about logic and rules, only entertaining stories FTW.

    Feels like If Will Vinton, Robert Rodriguez and Tarantino made a stop motion movie,

    Congrats guys.

    • This rocks SO damn hard, right down to soundtrack. And I totally agree, such a Rodriguez/Tarantino vibe there…

  • wallyballou

    Utter awesomeness

  • Luke

    I cannot wait until this guy directs a feature!

  • That was great. Loved the Campy-ness and loved how entertaining the animation and puppetry was.