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Tussilago by Jonas Odell

Tussilago by Jonas Odell

This is the trailer for Tussilago, the latest short by Swedish director Jonas Odell. Story doesn’t sound like typical fare: “In 1977 West German terrorist Norbert Kröcher was arrested for having planned to kidnap the Swedish politician Anna-Great Leijon. Among the people arrested during the following raids was Kröcher’s former girlfriend ‘A.’ This is her story.”

Stylistically, it builds on Odell’s prior two shorts–Lies and Never Like the First Time!–which were biographical narratives combining an artistic use of rotoscope and live-actors with motion graphic embellishments. Tussilago debuts the end of this month at the Göteborg International Film Festival and will screen at the Berlin International Film Festival next month. Other festivals will undoubtedly follow. On a related note, Revolver, a beloved early short that Odell co-directed, can be seen in its entirety on the Filmtecknarna website.

  • wow, i’ve been trying to remember the name of that film ‘revolver’ for years now, been dying to watch it again but could never find it, even though i’ve previously seen odell’s other work since.

  • Looks pretty incredible.

  • I love “Revolver,” saw it many years ago and it stuck in my mind.

  • Smudge

    Ross: Not sure who posted it on YouTube, but you can see Revolver here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPPtxyubCoI

    I remember seeing it at Ottawa ’94 and wondered what Odell was trying to say with his film. Been sixteen years and I still don’t get it, but the film still remains one of those oddly hypnotic animations that I can’t look away from. :)

  • Smudge

    Hm… looks like the last half of my post didn’t make it in. Teach me not to cut-and-paste from notepad!

    Anyways… Ross, the rest of my post was to the effect of being bored one night, going through the old Ottawa festival programs and finding a fair number of these old shorts posted on YouTube by their creators (and others). Worth a look-see if you have the time to sift through lots of search entries. :)

  • Hal

    Thank you Amid! Any new Odell film is a reason to celebrate in my books – and finally have REVOLVER in good quality! Man is a Swedish national treasure as far as I am concerned.

  • This style would have worked so much better for ‘waking life’ and would have been cheaper :P