<em>Vegeterrible</em> <em>Vegeterrible</em>


Animation students Henril Sonniksen and Benjamin Neilsen made Vegeterrible in their third year at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. The film takes place inside a refrigerator, where a hungry, rotten avocado crashes a Mexican fiesta and starts devouring the guests… and the struggles of a tomato’s fight for survival.

  • Patrice

    amazing short!
    Even more amazing is that it’s from students!

  • wow! these guys are students?! their work is quite creative and professional but most importantly, FUN!

  • Matt

    Fantastic! Great work you guys, congrats! It’s always great to see amazing short films like this one.
    Thanks Brew Crew!

  • langustart
  • wow that’s awesome especially for a student film! great work!

  • justin rasch

    Excellent work guys!!

  • Mitch Kennedy

    Wow! Those dudes are really good!

  • c-bauble

    If you pardon my French I would have to say this is the most fuckwin cartoon i’ve seen in a LONG time!

  • Matt


    Thanks for posting that link.

    http://vimeo.com/8576876 (Frigo)
    http://vimeo.com/9349225 (Vegeterrible)

    Despite the fact that I’m a 2D inclined person, and that both shorts did some really great work, Frigo’s story and it’s visual charm make it that much stronger than the pure wham bam action of Vegeterrible. It’s all about the story beats, and the pay off at the end, isn’t it?

    I think that’s why the latest Wallace & Gromit “A matter of Loaf & Death” (2008) pales in comparison to “The Wrong Trousers”(1993). And it’s all because someone (Nick Park!) simply wasn’t paying enough attention to address the somewhat negative tone of his latest film.

    Anyone got any thoughts on this? I’d love to start a pleasant conversation on the topic. Thanks again for posting!

  • Mathew

    Wow that’s a great short!

    The beat of the movie is so good and boy are those guys funny!

    Good stuff!

  • Mattias

    Hey guys,
    Nice animation, really like the look and the timing, good job!
    But i kinda figured out the story by half the way!
    it would have been a much better ending, if the the old lady would have pick up the bad veggie and thrown it into garbage bin and then eats the tomato. well but thats my point tho

    nice short and all the best!

  • Inventive, clever and fun! Not to mention, great to look at. I see a lot of staging influence from comics, especially manga. I hope these guys keep making movies. What an impressive debut!

  • Rubby.

    Great animation, a very impressive student short. Hell, I’d be impressed even if it were professional.

    However, is it just me or do the character designs look a bit too much like some Gobelins films? The tomato has pretty much the same face as the main character in Apres la pluie (http://www.emmanuellewalker.com/files/gimgs/22_alp13.jpg) and the woman really reminds me of the granny in Le Building (even in the way she moves), two of my favourite student films… I mean the guys who did this are obviously very talented, but it would have been nice to see more personal designs. But then again, maybe it’s just me.

  • Bill Plympton meets Miyazaki meets Veggie Tales. Fantastic!

  • Saturnome

    I prefered Frigo. Both are amazing though !

  • poly

    I have to agree with Rubby. It’s a great job but I can spot to much signs of rip-offs and obvious influence…

  • Tod

    This is a fantastic little number… and a first film to boot! I look forward to seeing what these strapping Danes will put together in the coming years.

    If you would like to see more work from these two… check out the animated sections of the feature film “HOWL”. They and a few of other students from the Animation workshop came to help out in Thailand. We couldn’t have done it without them.

  • The animation is stunning, and it is verrrrry professional, the timing, the board…!

    @ Ruby . It’s not just you… Well for being of the team and in charge of the character designs of Apres la Pluie, I was stunned…

    At first I was happy when i saw the first multi-pan scene… it grabbed my attention… then I fell in love with that falling avocado… its timing…

    But then I saw that little (the building) granny… in the background of ‘la soupe a l’engrais’ish-like by Sylvain Marc (even the light-switch and the little frames on the wall are the same… the floor tiles…) and I was kind of shocked when that tomato-apres la pluie kid!! I mean… … … hey… seriously, did they think no one would notice?! Even their character researches (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_UC1jYuEncw4/Sd9u0QakO5I/AAAAAAAAASg/OIVi2r7RyDU/s1600-h/characters.jpg) are simply picked up in ‘La grande arche’ see for yourself frame by frame here:http://www.gobelins.fr/galerie/animation/gen2007-01-Arche.htm

    Anyway, I can’t deny the fact that these guys did a great job, It would have been even nicer if they created their own designs…

  • Emmanuelle Walker
    + 1

  • poly

    I found this which illustrates what I said earlier:

  • wow ! it’s worst than i thought !

  • Rubby

    yay, it wasn’t just me.

  • Henrik

    Thanks for all the comments. We both love a lot of the Gobelins shorts, and were very inspired by a lot of the work from Gobelins students, and we might have been too inspired when taking some decisions – which obviously shows in the film. On the picture somebody made it looks like we stole everything, which I can only say that we didn’t.
    If anything, we hope that you consider this film as a tribute, since we were only inspired by cool stuff :)

  • peter wassink

    Great work! fantastic student film.
    And i heard all animation was done paperless in TVPanimation!
    (i’m an enthousiastic TVP user)

    The Gobelin influence is clear but it didn’t bother me too much. A more personal style is off course always better but Gobelin students themselves also borrow from their influences (which sometimes seem to be other gobelin films).
    just compare “la grand arche” with the escaping the whale scene from Mindgame (studio 4degrees).

  • Magge

    Awesome stuff guys! Animation, storyboard, design, colors, everything. It’s really inspiring. I hope you get the chance to make make more shorts like this.

    I think it’s a bit sad that such an amount of the comments here are so focused about the design, and the similarities to some gobelins shorts. Every artist have their inspiriations, as I’m sure the highly talented students from Gobelins also have. I wished the gobelins students that commented in this post had been more professional and taken it as an honor, instead of starting this whitch hunt. I am espesially pointing to the picture that are being linked to. I do not see any good coming out of this. That’s my opinion at least. I’m sure if you looked closely at “tekkon kinkurito” and “mind game” you could find similarities. But then again, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    I think the two creators of this amazing short should have every good reason to be proud of their work, because it’s really well done!

    The british actor Micheal Caine once shocked the whole film industry, in one of his film acting classes that was broadcasted on BBC in the eighties, with this quote:
    “If you see something that you like…. steal it! …..because, they did.”

  • Angie

    Great stuff guys! I am agree with Maggie. The similarities are ovious, but common guys, it is not that they stole your ideas or they made a shitty work with it. All projects are very different. That short is very original and the style fits very well. All of them are student projects and we all are in the same bussines. I would love if some one was inspired in my work. It is a good prove that people like what you are doing.

    I hope to see more animations from those guys. Keep going and congratulations.