Watch All Five Oscar Nominated Shorts Online Watch All Five Oscar Nominated Shorts Online

Watch All Five Oscar Nominated Shorts Online

UPDATE: We’ve got links to all five Oscar-nominated shorts again. Here they are:

Watch French Roast.

Watch Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty.

Watch The Lady and the Reaper.

Watch A Matter of Loaf and Death.

Watch Logorama.

(Thanks, Tom Knott)

  • Wallace & Gromit

    You can find A Matter of Loaf and Death online at

  • messy

    That’s not LOGORAMA, it’s the making-of featurette.

  • Logorama

    Indeed, the above is just an interview with the makers. I found the complete version of Logorama online at

  • GhaleonQ

    Yeah, again, those are forgettable excepting Wallace And Gromit (which some don’t like). Cordell Barker’s was the only great one to make the shortlist (and he lost to Pixar twice already!), and they missed a ton of good nominations.

  • Jackal

    Well at least that Pixar short shown before Up wasn’t nominated. But yes, it’s not a great selection of shorts. Even the newest Wallace and Gromit was my least favourite.

  • Saturnome

    Watched them all. Wallace&Gromit should win I guess. But what’s wrong with these people, some of these were among the worst films I’ve seen in a year. I’m with the Cordell Baker fans.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Although I hadn’t seen all the others yet, I still can’t knock Logorama out of my head!

  • I was surprised to see Wallace and Grommit. Isn’t that short a lot older then 1 year?

  • derek

    Is it just me or is Granny O’Grimm particularly poor. I mean c’mon!
    Seriously!?! – I don’t mean to be knocking people’s work and I know it’s all subjective but as an animated piece it’s just not that good is it?

  • Skip

    These were all the nominations? I’m surprised that partly cloudy wasn’t nominated.

  • JP

    Looks like Wallace and Gromit just got deleted off Vimeo.

    Copyright infringement?

  • It seemed like they went for an old person theme here. All except Logorama had elderly people as the main protagonist (though I don’t know how old Wallace is supposed to be so I guess that doesn’t count either). French Roast I couldn’t watch cause the player wasn’t working for me, A Matter of Loaf and Death wasn’t playing either. The trouble with the other two was that the type of humor they were going for was dark and/or in bad taste. Granny O Grim was more annoying and ugly to look at, and while Lady and the Reaper had some decent designs and some good humor in the middle of it, Dieing with Dignity is not a concept to joke around with.

    Logorama is the best of them all. I got some serious eye candy looking at all the different logos around and it seemed the most daring and inventive. I want to see how they get away with all the different logos in there, and if any of them want to sue them over it. I give them courage for not being afraid to go out there and just make something as long and as epic as this is. If these are the nominees I want that one to win.

  • ilana

    These films are probably the weakest bunch of nominations i have ever seen in Oscar. Triumph for stupidity, bad taste, kitsch, boring stories, shallowness. Probably Wallace and Gromit is the best among them, but it is still the worst in its series.

    If these films represent today’s animation that the genre is in big trouble.

    Gonna go and watch some Svankmajer before puke!…

  • Thank goodness for once I get to SEE these films rather than just hear about them when they’re called out at Oscars. How many years has that happened to me.

    I agree with most, these aren’t a very good bunch. W&G should win for it’s history and continuously funny characters.

    Logorama? Neat concept, but it looks half-done. Like the logos’ are simply pasted on 3D models.

    The others look neat, but not much variety indeed.

    PS – And yea, where’s Cordell’s film?!

  • Chris Sokalofsky

    I think some people here are being a little rough. The Reaper had excellent animation, pacing, and art direction, while french roast had some extremely impressive storytelling elements working for it. Granny O’grimm, as some pointed out, has television level animation at the best of times, so they rely on the voice of the main character, which unfortunately doesn’t quite maintain it’s edge the whole way through. Logorama was the weakest of the bunch in my opinion, because of its lengthy and shallow storyline which didn’t exactly express the filmmakers commentary on consumerism.

    I won’t comment on Wallace and Gromit, because I can’t really be objective. I’ve never seen a single piece of Nick Page’s work that I could really appreciate other than the technique involved.

    My pick is Lady and the Reaper. But if Cat Piano had made it in I think that would be the one I’d cheer for.

  • Steven Goldman

    I’m sticking with The Lady And The Reaper… Great Fun!

  • I really liked French Roast.
    Although I suspect I’d like Wallace and Gromit more if I could actually SEE it.

  • Rob

    Granny O’grimm struck a nerve with me by having a obvious young voice playing an older woman. Why not just hire an older comedic woman?
    In the same vein (nit-picky about voice acting), Lady and the Reaper’s doing something that I’ve grown to like less and less, having characters sputter nonsense. I feel like I’ve seen way too many characters communicating through “blah blah blah”s.

    I probably liked French Roast best. I definitely loved those character designs.

  • Simon

    Who picks the nominees for Animated Feature?

  • Mike Johnson

    Out of the five, my favorites were:

    1) A Matter of Loaf and Death (which should win quite handily!)
    2) The Lady and the Reaper
    3) Logorama

    #1 is the shoe-in…just so well put together on every level (as is usual for Nick Park) that nothing else comes close. That being said, I’d give it to The Lady & the Reaper if not for Loaf and Death. Very funny, and certainly the best of the rest.

    Logorama just took me completely by surprise. A totally original idea (as far as I know) and though the animation DID have a bit of an unfinished look, as Ariel pointed out, it still managed to get me to watch it a second time immediately after the first.

    Also, I have to agree with Chris Sokalofsky that if Cat Piano had been nominated, I’d be pulling for it…

  • Paul N

    Logorama would have been better at half the length. Aside from that, I enjoyed them all for various reasons.

  • Is the Mark Chapman credited as the 2D animator for Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty the same Mark Chapman who does HomeStar Runner?

  • Wolfgang

    I like all the shorts, really great work in all of them. But my favorites are: A Matter of Loaf and Death, The Lady and the Reaper, and Logorama.

  • Emily

    With all due respect to the filmmakers…I am just kind of baffled by this selection of animated short films. I’d say the most (if not only) deserving film is Logorama, not really for its story, which plays out like The Dark Knight in 16 minutes, but for its execution of an fascinating logo world, and design. Just one woman’s opinion, though. Congrats to them anyways for getting Oscar nods!

  • Anna

    Lady and Reaper is my personal fav!
    Was anyone else bothered tho… they have 5 fingers on hands, yet only 4 toes on feet

  • Patrice

    The Lady and the Reaper. is great!

    Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty. is terrible.
    cool idea but terribly executed.

  • Sam El Zoro

    Ranking according to me:
    1).”The Lady and the repaper”. awesome concept and well executed!!!!!
    2).”A Matter of Loaf and Death”. great hard work!!! Stop Motion Animation and 29.20 minute long.
    3).”Lgorama” great concept!!!! But no idea what’s going on and what is the end. Great work with logos.
    4).”French Roast” is Good!!! but Puzzled. Great animation.
    5).”Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty”!!!!! Hummmmm I think ….. no I’m still thinking about the story … as already said …. Cool idea but terribly executed.