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Watch Glen Keane and Kobe Bryant Talk About Their New Short ‘Dear Basketball’

Glen Keane and Kobe Bryant appeared together in New York City earlier today for a conversation about their new short film collaboration Dear Basketball.

The entire one-hour conversation between Bryant, Keane, and former NFL player/current tv personality Michael Strahan can be seen below:

I attended the talk in person, and can report that it’s an informative conversation with plenty of details on the creative collaboration between Keane and Bryant, as well as inspiring words from each about knowing when to move on and chart new paths.

What isn’t online yet is the short itself, which premiered this week at the festival. The six-minute project is based on a poem written in 2015 by Bryant to announce his retirement from the game. It is is produced by Bryant’s Kobe Studios and Believe Entertainment Group. Distribution plans for the film are still being finalized.

A frame from "Dear Basketball."
A frame from “Dear Basketball.”
  • Jack Rabbit

    Bring It On !!!!!

  • Hopper

    Kobe Bryant played in the NBA, not the NFL.

    • AmidAmidi

      That sentence is about Michael Strahan. I’ve edited the sentence structure to make it more clear who it is referring to.

  • Naomi Likayi

    Where can we watch the short film? I’d love to see it, Glen is my favorite animator!

    • AmidAmidi

      Distribution plans still haven’t been announced. We’ll get the film up on Cartoon Brew as soon as it’s available online.

  • Isaac

    What happened to the film it was on YouTube last night now it’s no were to be found