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Cartoon Brew is Nine Years Old Today

Our first official post went up on Cartoon Brew on March 15, 2004 which makes the site 9 years old today. Happy birthday to us!

Much has changed since those quaint mid-aughts when the site looked like this, and we catered to just a few hundred daily visitors insteads of today’s tens of thousands.

In the past decade, animation, too, has exploded in size. It used to be that the number of people working in the global animation industry numbered in the thousands, and then, tens of thousands. In the past decade, thanks to digital animation of all kinds, the industry has grown into a workforce of hundreds of thousands. This rapid growth has led to a renaissance of new content and new voices, while at the same time jumbling established areas of the industry into disarray, as we’ve seen with the recent instability of the American VFX field.

Today, I want to acknowledge all those who have helped build the site into what is, including the co-founder of Cartoon Brew, Jerry Beck, the current roster of editorial contributors, our behind-the-scenes tech and sales teams who keep the site running smoothly, and YOU, the readers, who bring so much spirit and verve to the whole thing. Animation will continue to expand in exciting and unexpected ways over the coming decades, and Cartoon Brew plans to be there for every moment of it.

(Party photo by Elzbieta Sekowska/Shutterstock)

  • Stephen Worth

    Congrats! Cartoon Brew isn’t getting older, it’s getting better. Chris McDonnell is a great blogger.

  • Ivonne Isla Solther


  • shadypotential

    i’m guessing for the 10th anniversary we are going to raid the Pixar offices with blow horns dressed as monsters from Monsters Inc

  • James Madison

    Happy Birthday, Brewmeisters…and heres to many more!

  • jordan reichek

    may the congratulatory spankings begin!

  • Roberto Severino

    Happy birthday, Amid and other Brewmasters! Jerry Beck will certainly be missed, but this is a message to him too. Here’s to another 9 years hopefully.

  • Mega congrats! Cartoon Brew has been my homepage for years.

  • Congralutions to Cartoon Brew. Still brewin’; away. I’ll have to read that blog Stephen Worth writes of!

  • Happy Birthday to Cartoon Brew! I cannot tell you how much this big time animation fan has enjoyed and often relished in your great success. You ARE the go to guys when it comes to getting my animation fix at 4am! Or any other time of day! THANKS SO MUCH!