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Cartoon Brew is Seven!

Happy Birthday Cartoon Brew

We started Cartoon Brew seven years ago on this day. It started as an outlet for the two of us to share our unfiltered thoughts about animation with like-minded friends. Seven years later, we’ve stayed true to that mission, and stunningly, we get to share our passions as a full-time job with a group of friends larger than our wildest dreams. Thank you all.

– Jerry and Amid

  • Sam


  • Congratulations guys! This site is one of my very few bookmarks.

  • I started in my current position as Animation Department Chair 7 years ago in July. I was lucky enough to have found Cartoon Brew early on and you have been a valuable resource to me and the students in my department every step of the way. Thank you for continuing to share inspiring and thought provoking content. Logging in daily to the Brew is like catching up with close friends. Happy Anniversary!

  • Josef

    Congratulations! I hope there are many more to come.

  • Damn guys, it seems like just last week you were six. That was a hell of a quick year.

    Congrats all the same, long may the Brew continue to fixate us with new animation goodies every day :)

  • Happy 7th Birthday!

  • Thanks guys for this site.

    For good or bad, this site at least brings like-minded people from all over the industry together to discuss what we love… animation.


  • Ana

    I am so grateful for CartoonBrew. It teaches me (and many other students) so many things, things I wouldn’t hear in a classroom. Actually, a couple of my teachers ask often, “So anyone see (so and so) on CartoonBrew today?” Thank you, and Happy Birthday.

  • Congratulations! You’ve been doing very good job here! Hope it’ll continue for years and years! I became a follower of CartoonBrew a couple of years ago, and there’s no day I miss my visit to stay on the wave!!

    Thanks and congratulations”””

  • Happy Birthday Cartoon Brew! I Enjoy the site very much, thank you!!

  • cbat628

    Happy “Birthday” guys! I’ve loved the work you’ve done ever since I first visited this site. On behalf of Brew readers everywhere, thank you.

  • eeteed

    Congratulations on your natal anniversary!

  • Paul K.

    Thanks for the great site, I’ve visited nearly each day since 2006. While other sites settle for re-publishing press releases, I’m glad the animation community has CB to select particular aspects or interject an opinionated stance to drive conversation.

    No matter if you’re a 2D fundamentalist, CGI die-hard, series creator, mo-cap cultist, naive student, clueless amateur, bitter freelancer, soulless executive, reddit redirect, lost YouTube commenter, marginalized otaku, technical formalist, varied expressionist, big-studio apologist, indie generalist, /co/ reject, misguided deviantArtist, motion designer, future Academy Award winner, or just a well rounded animation fan– all these diverse groups have common ground with discussion on Cartoon Brew.

    There’s no other place like it.

  • Steve Menke

    Never expected that one of my childhood obsessions would not only follow me into adulthood, but there would also be such a fine meeting place to keep diving deeper and deeper into the ‘toons. Congratulations on your 7th B’day!

  • top cat james

    (a la the drunk dog from “Porky’s Party”)

    “HAP———————————————————————————————–PY BIRTHDAY!!!”

  • Robert Barker

    Both of you do a fine job. Congratulations.


  • Happy 7th Birthday.

  • Mike Fallows

    All the best to one of the few sites I visit every day.

  • Happy Happy Joy Joy.
    Thank you so much!

  • Rick R.

    Thanks for the site. It is a fun site to visit.

  • Happy 7th Birthday to your great Industry site.

  • Jorge Garrido

    I’ve loved this site since I was 15 when I first discovered it! Congrats, Jerry and Amid!

  • G. Melissa Graziano

    Congratulations to both of you!

  • happy birthday guys!

  • Congratulations guys! keep up all the hard work you put in to this awesome site!

  • Congratulations on 7 years! You have a wonderful site!

  • Ted

    Happy Birthday and thanks guys for a great site.

  • I first found out about the brew four years ago when I was in school taking classical animation. I’ve been reading it ever since.
    Thanks for the great blog, and keep up the great work guys!

  • Jeffrey Gray

    You can’t fool me, the kids in that picture are obviously at least 10.

    Seriously, happy happy birthday, from all of us to you, we’d love to sing the other song, but then we’d all get sued, HEY!

  • Well done Brew!