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Cartoon Brew’s 2nd Annual Student Animation Festival

Cartoon Brew Student Animation Festival

Cartoon Brew is pleased to announce a call for entries for our second annual Student Film Festival. We launched the Student Film Festival last year and the response exceeded our wildest expectations with over 120 entries from around the world.

Our mission for the festival is simple: to share and promote student-produced animated shorts of the highest caliber…the most original, the most thought-provoking, the ones that make us laugh hardest and engage us emotionally. We know that students are producing some of the most exciting work in the animation art form today and we want to show this work to our broad community of industry artists and animation aficionados. This year, not only will our festival selections debut on the Cartoon Brew home page, we’ve also arranged real world screenings of the films at the new TRICKSTER festival in San Diego and at The Cinefamily theater in Los Angeles.

Here’s all the info you need:


1. It has to be animated. (Obviously.)
2. It has to be a student film. (Even more obvious.)
3. Must have been completed after March 1, 2010.
4. Must be an online premiere. (Films that are accessible online to the public will not be considered.)
5. Submissions due by Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To submit, send an email to studentfest (at) cartoonbrew (dot) com with the following info:

• Your name, school and country
• Film title and synopsis
• Private link and password (ex: Password-Protected Vimeo link, Private or Unlisted YouTube link, or a website download link).

Up to 10 films will be selected for the festival. We will announce the festival selections in early June. Screenings will begin on Cartoon Brew later in June. Every film that is selected to screen as part of the Cartoon Brew Student Film Festival will be paid a screening fee of $300(US). We don’t take any exclusivity over your film. In other words, you are still free to submit to festivals, sell it to distributors, and post it anywhere on-line after its debut in our festival.

Many students are erroneously informed in school that posting their film on-line ruins their festival chances. We’ve explored the issue before by speaking with festival directors and recommend reading this. None of the major animation festivals enforce such a rule today. However, some non-animation festivals, like Sundance, ask that a film be taken off-line during the course of their festival (although we know for a fact that they have not enforced the rule in the past). As far as we know, the only awards organization that strictly demands films remain off-line is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, so if you’re trying to qualify for a Student Academy Award, you don’t want to post your film on-line.

  • Sent in my entry. B)

  • Connor Mooney

    Just curious as to why you are excluding entries that have already been put online, especially following Amid’s last post about online exhibition?

    • I agree. I posted my short online because Im looking for a Job right now, but I haven’t started “promoting” them in any way so I have few views.

      Can something be done about this type of situation?

    • The Brewmasters

      Connor – Because if a student film has already been posted on-line and it’s good, chances are we’ve already plugged it on the site. Also, this is the time of year that most students are finishing their films so they haven’t put their new films on-line yet anyway.

      Rod – Feel free to submit your film.

      • My film was featured on the site, so I guess that makes it ineligible?

      • The Brewmasters


  • Oh, good! I needed this – motivation to finish my film, complete with a deadline!!! *runs off to finish compositing*

  • Must…finish…inking…and….coloring…last…few…shots….

    • Matthew Koh

      Why don’t you just hire somebody to help?

      • Zach Bellissimo

        Mike’s a one man show.

  • Bec

    Our Australian semesters end in October, so I finished my film in Oct 2010. It’s already committed to some festivals which don’t allow online screening- I would love to enter though! Would it be eligible for the 2012 Festival?

  • vineet

    what is the minimum running time limit?

  • Lily

    I notice the films CB showcased last year are all in 2D or stop motion. Does Cartoon Brew accept 3D animated short films? If yes, I know animators I could refer them to participate.

  • Tom

    Good luck everybody! Sending in my entry now.

  • The Brewmasters

    Bec – We still haven’t decided how we’re going to do it next year, but in general, our goal is to focus on the latest student films. If it’s an older one though, feel free to submit because we still plug plenty of other student films throughout the year.

    Vineet – There is no minimum/maximum time limit.

    Lily – Yes, please submit CG. We’re interested in all forms and hope to have a broader representation this year. We got some CG entries last year, but they didn’t make the final cut.

  • Is it also possible to send in the animatic and some finished animation shots? I’m still working on the film and the plan is to finish the film in august.

    • The Brewmasters

      Best to save for next year. We’re not considering animatics.

  • Sean

    Will there be some sort of confirmation email sent after entries are submitted?

  • A.C.

    D’OH! I’m not in school anymore. Can’t submit right?

  • Kelsey P.

    Sent mine in! Good luck, all!

  • I’m finishing my film just for this :)

  • Jonathan S.

    I got a couple question.

    1. If you are picked for the screening only the select few people know the password can watch the film right? Its not going to be online for the public to see.

    2. How can I submit?

    • The Brewmasters

      1. Your film will be available online to the public.

      2. Read the post.

  • Sean

    Will there be a confirmation email sent after entries are submitted?

  • the deadline for this is at midnight tomorrow correct? im doing last minute “fix-it-pretty” tweaks and want to try to make it.

  • Are you fine with .swf files or do you need an .avi or .mov?

  • annie

    Oh no!! I want to participate but it’s too late :(
    Plz let me know if there’s any chance, i don’t wana miss ths.

  • Would’ve entered, but my films were done AFTER I graduated. Better luck next time, I guess.