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Friday Site Announcement

I just wanted to reassure Cartoon Brew readers that neither Jerry nor I are involved in the following scandolous headline from today’s LA Times: Brewer Apologizes in Sex Case.

  • red pill junkie

    Well, this unrquested explanation is STILL a little bit fishy, though :-)

  • O.k., you lost me. No Cartoon Brew staffers name-a-likes appear in the article, don’t see any mislinks…what’s the gag?

  • FP

    It’s a good thing you posted that warning. I would otherwise have immediately assumed that the linked news story somethow concerned CARTOON BREW.

  • You guys should apologize anyway. Just to be safe.

  • ovi

    maybe the BREW should just start reporting on the latest HOOKER newz.

    your ads and readers might go up. who needs animation? animation is for kids and we all know no kids visit this site.

  • In any case, I accept your apology.

    Just don’t let it happen again.

  • David Brewer? Cartoon Brewer? That’s a joke, son! A joke, that is!

  • A very defensive stance. Feeling guilty about something?

  • Governor Spitzer

    Oh man – I check this site every day – are the Feds lookin’ in?

  • As Hubie & Bertie would say, “Yeah, yeah, sure, sure”.