Ottawa Animation Festival Contest Winners

Here are the winners from our Ottawa International Animation Festival contest. The two winners will each receive an all-access AnimaPasses (valued at $200) to this week’s festival. The festival takes place this week from September 17-21. Thanks to our generous friends at the festival for making this contest possible.

The winning captions are below the photo:

Jimmy Carter and Mickey Mouse

Carter: “I think the gentleman behind me is really happy to see you.”

“Uh Mickey? I’m, ah, not so sure this is the, ah, appropriate venue for “whiteface”.

Brooke Keesling
Jimmy says: This isn’t exactly what I meant when I said, “I’d love to slip that rotten old Ayatollah a Mickey!”

  • Fred Sparrman

    My favorite was “I loved you in Clock Cleaners.”

  • John Jacquet

    LOL. Shoot the judges! No offense to the entrants. But, the winning entries were really corny and flat. Nevertheless, congrats to them all.

  • Chris Williams

    That’s awesome. From a website that screams bloody murder when they see a fart joke, we get winning entries that use a phallus and racism for inspiration. So, fart jokes panned. Sex and racism jokes rewarded. :-)

    And like John said…no offense to the winners. You guys will have a blast.

  • amid

    Chris: We weren’t exactly working with genius here. I’m curious…of the choices from people who actually say they’re attending, which would you have picked as winners? Perhaps there’s a comedy gem that we overlooked.

  • Dave Mackey

    I didn’t enter because I am unable to go the festival, but mine would have been…

    “I’m sorry, Mr. Carter… I know you are the leader of the free world, the commander in chief of the armed forces, and yes, you have lusted in your heart, but I just cannot get you Annette Funicello’s digits.”

  • http://deleted Dan

    no comment…I take that back, What? “Drill baby, drill!” wasn’t funny?
    Don’t you see the irony? Carter-oil crisis…big business…Whatever! I wanted to add: “Drill baby, drilll!-What are you Dumbo?”

  • Ryan Carell

    My favourite was the one about how no one will care about them.

    That is the most apt thing you could put there.

  • DoggyDog

    That not remotely funny but retarded Racist entry won! What does it even mean?