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Cartoon Brew 2011 Reader Poll


The last time we ran a reader survey on this site was five years ago. In that time, our traffic has skyrocketed, and we’ve grown from thousands of readers a day to many tens of thousands. Instead of just numbers, we’d like you to tell us more about yourselves.

Please take a few moments to fill out the survey below. Your input is valuable to us for many reasons. We’re getting ready to embark on a redesign of the site and understanding how you use the site and what you’d like to see more of will help us as we move forward. Your input will also help us to find advertisers who are most suited to your interests. Additionally, we’re ijust plain interested in learning more about who reads the site. We’ll compile the results and share some of the highlights with everyone once the survey is complete.

IMPORTANT: You may take the survey anonymously. However, we are also giving away four $50 Amazon gift certificates. If you would like to be entered into the drawing, include your email address in the last question. We’ll only use the email address to contact you if you are chosen in the drawing. It will not be used for any other purpose. Survey will be closed on July 25, 2011.

  • I can’t get the survey to go to “Next”. Question 7 keeps throwing an error.

    • The Brewmasters

      It should be working now.

  • AlphaTom

    The survey forces you to answer certain questions that I have no answer for. (ie. Which conventions do you attend? None, but I had to select one to submit the form.)

    • The Brewmasters

      Sorry, we fixed that one by adding a “none of the above” option.

      • Inkan1969

        There was no “none of the above” option for #4 and #16. I had to lie.

      • The Brewmasters

        #4 has a none of the above option now. 16 doesn’t require an answer if you don’t work in animation.

  • The Brewmasters

    Holy moly! 140 responses in just the first hour! Thanks to everybody who has filled it out so far.

  • geoff

    My comments never seem to appear (I think you don’t like my email address?), but regardless, I will try again…
    And to, perhaps, make me doubly sound like an idiot, I’d love to take the ‘survey below’, but I don’t see a link…

  • Bruce

    I wished there was an option to select “Character Designer” & “Storyboard Revisionist,” as those are the two areas that I’m currently employed in.

  • Nathan Strum

    Anonymous or not, I don’t reveal my income to anybody. Sorry, I’ll have to pass.

    Also, there should be an “other” category for “Which of these best describes your area of work?”

    • Having worked in market research (unrelated to animation) for a long time, I can tell you that no one cares about your income level, except as a PR talking point.

      This is especially true here, where your info is being collected in aggregate. CB will appeal to advertisers by noting that its readers are worth reaching for certain ads, but that’s it. You won’t get a different ad mix based on your survey answer; behavioral targeting (which happens on every site you visit) takes care of that.

      It’s not like there’s a nationwide burglar network that picks victims based on market research.

      Separately, always remember: Your best defense against identify theft is a shi**y credit rating.

      • Jeff Kurtti

        Bankruptcy works, too!

  • Still not working!:(

  • Luke

    Maybe you should do a survey to see where you can improve this survey.

  • Foad

    I have to skip this survey cuz of question of 14.

    • Why? If it’s anon and all. I mean, how could this possibly hurt you personally or others? Seriously, just curious.

      Personally, I worked w/ an animator, a vet, who PURPOSELY withheld income information when asked by up and coming, junior animators about salaries and knowingly told them to ask for WAY lower rates out of some sense of “pay your dues” attitude which seemed to me as such an ass backwards way of a thinking, I really didn’t get it. I don’t know how you tell almost equally (almost certainly more hungry) talented people to ask for less money. I mean, wouldn’t you want to minimize the effect salary injects into the equation and have talent and experience count for something in a competitive market? I’m really curious as to why people would be so skittish (especially in an anonymous survey) of stating what their going rate is (roughly).

      Interestingly enough, I’ve usually found these people to be underpaid 90% of the time. And kind of icky on a personal level (karma anyone?). I mean, are you afraid people might resent you? What kind of dick resents someone else for making more money for the same job? Again, karma anyone?

      Seriously, unless you own a company and want to keep an artist ignorant of proper wages being paid what’s the benefit? Seriously, I’d like to know and apologies in advance if I come off as harsh, this is just really puzzling. Idk, maybe it has something to do w/ it being 2 am :) but an answer would be appreciated.

    • me too… ya nosey buggers

    • Rick R.

      Well, you can do what I did, and lie.

      A “Prefer not to state” would be better.

    • Iritscen

      I’m baffled by anyone who is unable to fill in their salary in an anonymous Internet survey. I’m guessing that when someone asks your age or occupation in real life, you bark, “WHAT’S IT TO YOU, MAN?! LAY OFF!” And when people ask for your card at the register, you pull out a jar of pennies (because bills have serial numbers that can be traced by the feds).

  • I’m probably the youngest CB reader.

    • Julian Carter

      How old are you? :)

  • Andrew

    Nice stock photo

  • I get a “slow script” error every time I open this article, but was able to finish the survey anyway.

  • Roberto Carlos Jr.

    as a college dropped out, i’ve filled pretty lame had to select “high school” for education. i mean been dropped out is not the same than regular school grad, dya see?

  • Some Girl

    Lowest income was picked..since we are still in highschool…but it doesn’t matter, we make below that anyway..haha.

  • Mike

    Anyone who lists Flash as one of their three favorite areas of animation might be getting a visit from Mr. Greedy. Just sayin’.

    • snip2346

      While I have not seen the short with Mr. Greedy, that may come off as insulting to people who actually do get their income from Flash jobs.

      • Don’t Bash Flash

        Adam Phillips, Nelson Boles, the Wakfu TV series Backgrounds. Flash.

        Programs & technology facilitate the knowledge and ability of the artist or user.
        Same thing goes for a Cintiq.

        There is no make art button on any program or tool, just those “Made For TV” or “The Web” budgets & time constraints that’ve been imposed on many a flash based production over the years, and so that’s what we’ve come to associate with that tool.

        Process also comes into it, with a lot of flash animations favouring a simple 2D puppet style over doing full character animation or making smarter production & design choices.

      • Mike

        I am sorry; I didn’t mean to offend and in hindsight I can see how that could indeed be offensive. I respect anyone who partakes in the great labor of love that it is to work in animation. And I understand and appreciate that Flash is not always limited to the puppet-like animation with which it is often associated (case in point, I LOVE Superjail!) In the context of the survey though, it seems like ‘Flash’ animation would refer more to this type of Flash use, considering it’s more about the type of animation generally associated with Flash rather than the entire breadth of animation made with it. (otherwise, one would reasonably expect to see other common animation software listed as choices…) But again, my humble apologies.

      • paolo

        Interesting, actually whenever I hear “Flash” I think of the funny and very simple Bruno Bozzetto’s flash films:

      • Don’t Bash Flash

        No worries Mike.
        Honestly I never saw your quick comment as offensive, intentional or otherwise, so rest easy.

        Those two comments simply threw up the opportunity to point out that it’s the artist or the production & process itself and not the tools that determine much of the results, and hopefully clear up some of this bizarre distaste for certain programs.

        You wouldn’t blame an instrument for playing bad music, you’d obviously blame the musician.

        Most of us working ToonBoom & Flash guys do also animate traditionally and with CGI, stop-mo and so on in our off hours. Admittedly there are “better” and more animator-centric programs available now, but Flash is what it is and with some proper direction, a good process and time some very nice work can be done with it.

  • Done!

  • It wouldn’t let me finish the survey without revealing my income level. Sorry, but I’m not telling.

  • John L.

    Do you live in the united states??? United what? who cares -stop being so self centered!

    • Kyle Maloney

      Its not about being self centered, its just good to know where your audience is. Their different markets after all. Assuming you live elsewhere, you might have something animation related that hasn’t had much exposure here in the US.

      • John L.

        If there was a genuine interest in where everyone lives it would not be a put as a yes/no question. The US makes for 4.5% of the world population you can safely asume that a large proportion if your readers are from somewhere else.

  • Keith

    Was buying the actual stock photo–rather than ripping the comp–too costly?

  • Question 17 has “Director” twice.