Where Cartoon Brew Readers are From: 2010 Edition, Part 2 Where Cartoon Brew Readers are From: 2010 Edition, Part 2
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Where Cartoon Brew Readers are From: 2010 Edition, Part 2

Yesterday, we looked at which studios and schools send the most traffic to Cartoon Brew. Today, we’re going to look at which countries visit Cartoon Brew most often.

So far, this year Cartoon Brew has had visitors from 215 countries or territories. As is to be expected, the United States comprises the largest percentage of our readership (64%) and the top five countries account for 82% of our traffic. Other countries in the top five, like Canada, UK and Spain, have each generated hundreds of thousands of visits in 2010. Our US readership reaches well into the millions. (The biggest surprise for us is Spain, where our readership has dramatically expanded in the second half of 2010. The Spanish cities that deliver the most visitors are, in order, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla and Bilbao.)

Below is a list of countries that have recorded at least 1,000 visits so far in 2010.

1. United States – 64%
2. Canada – 8%
3. United Kingdom – 6%
4. Spain – 2.2%
5. Australia – 2.1%
6. France
7. Germany
8. Brazil
9. Mexico
10. Netherlands
11. India
12. Ireland
13. Italy
14. Japan
15. Argentina
16. Sweden
17. New Zealand
18. Norway
19. Singapore
20. Belgium
21. Israel
22. Chile
23. Philippines
24. Poland
25. Denmark
26. Russia
27. Finland
28. Portugal
29. Romania
30. Colombia
31. Switzerland
32. Malaysia
33. Hungary
34. Indonesia
35. Greece
36. South Korea
37. Puerto Rico
38. Serbia
39. Austria
40. Bulgaria
41. Thailand
42. Taiwan
43. South Africa
44. China
45. Pakistan
46. Croatia
47. Hong Kong
48. Venezuela
49. Czech Republic
50. Iceland
51. Turkey
52. Egypt
53. Iran
54. Saudi Arabia
55. Peru
56. United Arab Emirates
57. Vietnam
58. Ukrain
59. Latvia
60. estonia
61. Lithuania
62. Costa Rica
63. Slovenia
64. Ecuador
65. Lebanon
66. Malta
67. New Caledonia
68. Uruguay
69. Guatemala
70. Trinidad and Tobago
71. Slovakia
72. Kuwait
73. Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • A good chuck of those Canadian hits come from me!

  • tonma

    Hi Amid! Mexico is nine!! I’m very glad to see that, a bit of the long hours I spend on the site sometimes, This is one of the very few places I care to read comments at, and the discussions are great.

  • Pieter

    Greets from Belgium :)

  • Inkan1969

    Neat. I love lists like this. I’m a geography buff. For fun I memorized the names of all 193 universally recognized sovereign states. I also memorized the names of a lot of non-state entities. There is no name on the list you posted that I hadn’t heard of already. I’d love to read your full list; to see what countries still haven’t contacted you.

  • Tory

    Cool, could you break the US up by state?

  • Julian Carter

    Glad to see Malta is on the list. =) Though I wish I actually knew somebody else here who visits the site.

  • Hmmm, 10th place , not bad!

  • Nice! I’m probably responsible for 1/4 of the traffic from Hungary. :) Yes I know the other 3 guys …

  • go chile!

  • Yay! México in number nine!

  • Deyan Mavrov

    Greetings from #40 :)