<em>Cardboard</em> by Sjors Vervoort <em>Cardboard</em> by Sjors Vervoort
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Cardboard by Sjors Vervoort

A graduation film by Sjors Vervoort of The Netherlands, with sound design by Steven Aerts. While I would have liked to see the interplay between the cardboard creatures and their real-world surroundings pushed even further, there’s some imaginative ideas throughout the piece.

  • Brooke Keesling

    Love this…it made me excited for whatever treats are in store at Ottawa next week!

  • Hmm…hate to be a naysayer, but I think that some of this was composited into the surroundings. Some of the shadows don’t match and where would they find cardboard that large? Believe me, I’ve worked with cardboard before and it’s quite a frustrating surface to work with – painted and/or size-wise. But hey, it’s an interesting concept (lifted a bit from BLU, of course, but still).

  • This builds up pace and energy beautifully! Insane.

  • This was terrific! Would love to see some on-site video footage of the process. The website’s making-of just seems to be comprised of a few mildly informative photos and quantitative descriptions.

    The rhythmic sound design of this piece was really cool, I especially liked the panting dog creature. The interactivity was really fun when the large leaping monster went bounding across the intersection. Seeing people surrounding the characters really changed the dynamic.

  • Very Original — I hope he gets picked up to do a high end commercial! I can see alot of companies interested in this style of animation.

  • Dutchie

    Ward, it says on the site: “Cardboard is a stop-motion animation, in which animated replacements were composited into the film frame by frame.”

  • Omnitarian

    Loved it! The characters are so strangely relatable… eking out a trivial and unnoticed existence, having everything in your life suddenly and arbitrarily go to pot…

  • captainmurphy

    Yeah, its too bad it was faked, but its still a good looking concept. Good luck finding pieces of cardboard those sizes in real life. The point is, how much does viewer interest depend on suspension of disbelief set up by the titles which are placed in real cardboard, and the stretching of same as actual completion of that becomes more and more impossible? Should all viewer get or expect that tweak?