ESCP Europe Stop-Mo Video ESCP Europe Stop-Mo Video
Stop Motion

ESCP Europe Stop-Mo Video

This piece has been online and gone viral in the past week, but I couldn’t resist putting it here. It’s to promote ESCP Europe, a prominent business school in France. Whoever directed this piece should consider dropping out of ESCP and go directly in to filmmaking. Nice job!

(Thanks, Eric Graf)

  • Jay Sabicer

    You know, I would actually go the other way, Jerry. The entertainment biz could certainly use some creative types in the way the BUSINESS portion of films (animated or otherwise). To have someone going to a B school, with a hands-on knowledge of what it takes to conceptualize, organize, shoot, edit, et cetera an actual film — wouldn’t that be a far better thing than the particular type of BS we’re seeing from Hollywood MBA’s? How many times in this blog alone have we heard the cry of executives having no clue on how things really work. Here’s a small glimmer of hope.

    Hope whoever did this comes over here after he/she graduates and shows the big boys and girls how to run things.

  • Grimmy

    Cool. Lo-tech and kicking ass.

  • O_o

    Very nice job !


    Stop motion in chairs is almost a new subgenre xD