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Henry Selick Sets Up In The Mission


Henry Selick’s new animation studio, which we reported on a couple months ago, has set up shop in San Francisco’s hip Mission District. According to, the Disney-backed studio, now called ShadeMaker Productions, is located in a former chocolate factory at 16th and Folsom, and will ultimately house 150 employees.

  • Animator

    I’ve worked with Selick before and he’s a horrible director. Without Tim Burton or Neil Gaiman’s coat tails to ride on he’s not that good. Disney is crazy to fund him. They must not have seen MonkeyBone.

    • The Brewmasters

      This is not a bash-Henry-Selick thread, especially if you’re going to do it anonymously. Please comment only if you have something relevant to add to the discussion about his new studio location.

      • I think Animator’s comment was relevant, if you are considering working for Selick, this may be a helpful warning. I don’t blame him/her from being anonymous, they have to continue to work.

        For the record, I have not worked with Selick but I admire his work. Though I agree with the comment about MonkeyBone.

  • Obo

    Wow, I live on 2nd and Folsom. A part of me wants to go there and beg for an internship, despite knowing nothing about stop motion

  • Al

    Obo, if you knew a lot about stop-motion already you wouldn’t need an internship. :)

  • Martyn

    I miss the Mission.

    • Fatty Lees

      Me too.

      • P. Cornhair

        I miss you, Fatty. How’s your chair these days?

  • Spencer

    I want job.

  • I can’t help but wonder if the place smells like chocolate, or if the previous owners left any treats behind.

  • B

    I heard it was 5 picture deal?

    • Karen

      No. As a matter of fact, this film alone isn’t yet even “greenlit.” There are no such things as “5 picture deals” unless you’re Steven Spielberg. And Selick ain’t got the track record of Spielberg.

  • prince

    I live 1 block from their address.

    I have a resume and demo reel… how could I get it in front of someone there without banging on their door like a loon?

  • Dave

    This is great for San Francisco and for the animators who live and work there. With so many studios going away, it’s nice to see one actually show up. I wish Henry Selick all the best in his new venture.

  • Welcome back to San Francisco, Henry!

    I had the opportunity to visit Henry’s old studio in downtown some years ago, and I recently saw him hanging out at Pixar not long ago. This new Disney deal sounds sweet.

  • jealous

    wish blue sky had a cool location like that…

  • marauder

    its great being so close to the mission(best burritos around!), except for the norteno-sureno shootings that happen every once in a while.

  • Tip for our new neighbors: one of the best dives in the Mission is the Rite Spot at 2099 Folsom.

  • erin

    is he working with pixar?

  • Randy Koger

    Interesting article.

    I lived in SF from 1977 to 2001. The Mission District is “hip” now? Good, because for most of the years I lived there a lot of it was a very run down, dangerous place. “Hip”? I’d have to see that to believe it. But I will admit, some dynamite Burritos in that neighborhood.

    Don’t remember what Chocolate factory was at that site….anyone have any info?

  • Doug

    In the town i live in we have a former Chocolate factory. Oh how I wish some stop mo would resurrect the place. Room for more than 150 employees as well!

  • Reed Malloy

    Disney must have realized that Henry Selick has always done amazing work without ever having the benefit of a great story. With Lasseter being the Disney story king, Selick will now theoretically get that. Their thinking is solid. The rest deals with the realm of personality and will play out one way or another.

  • Chris

    I don’t know what is sweeter, making chocolate or a stop-motion film, but that is one lucky building!

  • Chris

    btw, who are the people looking out the windows on the second floor?

  • bob kurtz

    what is sweeter than doing animation in s.f.

  • George

    It was Joseph Schmidt, I know because I went to that building for a job interview about 2 and a half years ago, good thing I didn’t take the job. Joseph Schmidt was there for years, they used to be independent, but were bought out by Hershey. Hershey kept them around for high-end chocolate needs, too bad it’s gone, the folks that worked there were very nice.

    Wonder if ShadeMaker Productions is looking for somebody to answer phones, or perhaps clean toilets…

  • Tricky T

    “You got chocolate in my animation!”
    “You got animation in my chocolate!”

  • steven d. Jackson

    i want to work hereeeeeeeeeeeee