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Stop Motion

“I Live In The Woods” by Max Winston

Stop-mo animator Max Winston (Flapjack) made this at Cal Arts a few years ago. Funny stuff – but not for the squeamish.

(Thanks, Brent Lilley)

  • I saw this last year at Melbourne International Animation Festival as part of “10 Years of Bizarre” program. This was the highlight of the whole festival…for me at least!

  • Jeff Simonetta

    It’s always fun to see what the creators of weird shows would make if they got complete artistic freedom.

  • This started amazing, and ended incredible!

  • One of my favorites. Glad to see it finally up online Max!

  • Bravo.
    Wonderful stuff.

  • JWebb

    What is this?!? Satan’s fantasy about overcoming God?
    And the warning was for people feeling “squeamish”? Dumb.

    • Whats dumb about the warning? You think showing the stabbing of a human head is normal?

      • JWebb

        No. My point was that the squeamish part isn’t the greater cause for concern here. I would think a character overcoming what appears to be God and then sitting on his “Christian” throne might be a little offensive to a few people. No worries or warning about that.

        I love the animation and designs….just hate the story.

      • zzz

        You’re just squeamish JWebb. It’s okay.

  • Bud

    Sorry. Witless and obtuse. And SERIOUSLY not funny. Just self indulgent.

    • Yeah but I think it’s got Great experimental animation and beautiful artwork for a pretentious Random No reason why Hipster Animated Cartoon.

      • Boor

        i say boooooo to the word “pretentious” and boooooo to the word “hipster”. they’re not necessary here, and they’re barely necessary anywhere, ever.

        this film DOES have great animation and DOES have beautiful artwork. enough said.

        booooo to hipsters who write condescending pretentious comments (oops).

    • zzz

      Jealousy will get you nowhere Buddy!

  • Mic

    The animation is pretty awesome and the production is great especially for a student film.

    Max Winston… I remember a few years ago at that his name was everywhere on CalArts’ walls. Haha. (I’m a former CalArts student but from different department)

  • 100% high octane fun. I’ve waited 3 years to see this 3-minute film and it was TOTALLY worth it. :D

  • Dana

    Extremely well done! I can almost see a show being made out of this :D

  • Loved the technique and design appeal. Not a fan of the gratuitous violence. Could have been shown with more class.

    • zzz

      How can a video with God in it possibly be anymore classy!? Blasphemer!!!

    • Conor

      Did you not see the masterful composition of frame in the shot where he punched the fox through the eyes? That’s some classy violence.

  • AaronSch

    While I admire the craft employed by Max Winston, I found the content to be distasteful.

    • Well you were warned.
      It’s like eating a cabbage and complaining that it tastes like a cabbage.
      Why did you watch it?

      • AaronSch


        I watched it because I am a curious human being. The word “squeamish” has a different meaning for every individual. One can enjoy the film “Jaws” while despising a film like “Hostel.” I watched it because I am a curious human being. As I stated, I admired Max Winston’s craft but the subject just wasn’t my cup-of-tea.

  • Thanks for watching, everyone! I’m a huge horror fan, so I wanted to make a film that includes such elements, and was different than other films I had seen while at school. I realize it’s not for everyone.

    This film was made with this quote in mind, from Pablo Picasso: “The chief enemy of creativity is the term ‘good’ taste”.

  • Picasso didn´t live to see the internet age. Besides those type of quotes are always touted as excuses by people that are not Picasso.

    I did like the animation and did not find it upsetting at all.

    • Hey, I’m not making an excuse, just saying that the quote inspired my choices throughout the making of this film…

      • I know! I loved your work, i just meant it when lesser people use it. :)

      • also, this just in: most people who use quotes from the bible aren’t jesus christ.

  • I was disappointed that such a rock solid piece turned into …well, what it turned into.
    Nice work for the most part. Just my opinion.

  • Wow, not usually a stop-mo fan but I really enjoyed this! Great stuff! Loved the gore!

  • Justin Weber

    I, for one, thought it was great! Great style, and I like that it takes an unexpected turn. The cloud man and the creepy animals are hilarious.

  • Mark C

    An original story, outstanding designs and a fine example of stretching the limits in stop motion. Ignore the snarky remarks Max… most are made for the sake of writing something spiteful.

  • This is like a story you would hear from some country redneck.

  • Spencer

    I’ve been waiting for the internet debut for ages because good animation never comes down to Miami… Thanks God I live in NY now.

  • Kendra

    Oh my god hahaha that was bizarre. I absolutely loved the introduction with all the high speed running shots, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that much energy from stop motion. Also that was a very interesting use of taxidermy…I really liked those fox puppets. Nice work!

  • I’m amazed people find this so distasteful. Sure it’s gruesome (it made me shy away in ways even AntiChrist didn’t) but it had a point, it wasn’t meaningless violence.

    It’s a cautionary tale isn’t it? In the vein of Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ it warns us against government and/or mass religion, and using a little Muppet man to illustrate this worked a treat. Maybe this wasn’t the filmmakers intention, as it’s not rammed down your throat but it’s what I’m taking away from it.

    Brilliant stuff Max.

  • Random

    As a work it’s pretty good. Good cinematography and an awesome execution of stop motion animation! The script’s pretty good, too.

    Content just wasn’t my cup of tea, turns out. Oh well. Still good from a technical standpoint in my opinion. :)

  • Brian

    I waited a long time to see this and it was worth it. I read the comic Max drew and wrote originally and this was a great adapatation. I only wish I had an opportunity to see it on the big screen. Congrats on all the festivals and awards you garnered, Max. It’s a terrific achievement from a technical and artistic perspective.