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United States of Tara Titles by Jamie Caliri

United States of Tara

Stop-motion director Jamie Caliri (titles for Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa) created pop-up book-style opening titles for the Showtime series United States of Tara. The opening can be seen on the website Forget the Film, Watch the Titles and an interview with Caliri is included on the same page. The illustrations in the piece were done by Alex Juhasz, set building was led by Morgan Hay, and animation lead was Anthony Scott.

  • rhinotonight

    that was awesome.

  • justin rasch

    very cool!

  • I was waiting for a post about this! I never skip (DVR, Tivo, etc.) through the opening pop-up-style credits when I watch this show, because they’re so beautifully done and paired with good music. It’s great to know who’s responsible!

  • I love, love, love this show and the title sequence. I’ll have some Jamie Caliri animation every day of the week, please!

    His work always makes me do a double take, because it’s almost as fluid as digital animation. True craftsmanship, that.

  • this is so cool! i will start to check this series now, but the opening is awesome!

  • As always Caliri and his team have taken the artform to the next level!

    Great job guys!!

  • This is a lovely sequence.
    Much too nice for the awful show that follows it.