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Youth In Revolt animation

The Weinstein Company’s new film, Youth In Revolt, opened in ninth place at the box office this weekend. I haven’t seen it myself, but have recieved reports that the film uses quite a bit of animation — from stop-motion opening credits, to pixilation and pornographic hand drawn animation in the middle of the film, and traditional 2D animation during the end credits.

Peter Sluszka of New York-based Hornet Inc created the animation, shot both in New York at Hornet’s Brooklyn stage and on location in Michigan (for the pixilation sequence). Here’s a link to the stop-mo opening credits.

(Thanks, Ryan McCulloch)

  • Toby

    This movie is FANTASTIC! The animation was a great surprise, and I loved every bit of it.

  • squirrel


  • Ninth place seems low, but if you look at the numbers it did okay. It averaged more $ per screen than the movies in 5th through 8th place, and it’s the only movie in the top 10 being shown on under 2,000 screens.

    Sadly, Princess and the Frog is in 10th place. :'(

  • Brooke Keesling

    Oooh, I love Peter Sluszka’s work. Can’t wait to see this film!

  • It looks interesting….i want to see this film…

  • Maria

    Hey I was wodering if anyone new the type of animation that was played in the middle of this film. When the background was moving but the people were still .