“Bus Stop” by Fungus Studios “Bus Stop” by Fungus Studios

“Bus Stop” by Fungus Studios

Samuel Landa heads a new CG company called Fungus Studios in Perth, Australia. His team, which includes Mitch Perry, Russell Grinbers, Barnsley Karim and Lorenzo Monteleone, created Bus Stop in 3 months, as a group project, their last college assignment from Perth’s SAE Institute.

  • It has some neat design quirks, such as the clouds which seem to represent vague glimpses of the night before. I thought the storytelling was overly predictable though. falling asleep, clearly about to miss the bus, and as soon as you notice the driver’s face is obscured it’s obvious we’re about to be subjected to an ugly sheila and/or transgender gag. Ozzie-bloke level humour.

  • end of line

    The pacing on this is atrocious, and I agree with the previous comment, the gags were entirely predictable.

  • I like the clouds…

    …ripped half the soundtrack to Cowboy Bebop, though.

  • Guz

    Yuck, really. That’s a really bad animated short. Lack of timing and acting big time.