Creature Combat IV: Animation Creature Combat IV: Animation

Creature Combat IV: Animation

Created in a four day animation workshop at Germany’s Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, Susanne Wohlfahrt and Marcus Blättermann’s funny take on the eternal struggle of cats and mice — finally put to rest Street Fighter style.

  • skid

    sure wish my studio didn’t block youtube so i could watch that… :(

  • Anoniguy

    I’d play that.

    The ‘sound effects’ for the various moves are the best part. The constant ‘explosioooon!’ during the steam train, for instance. Very funny.

  • WIN.

    too fun!

  • Uli Meyer

    Wunderbar! Das U-boot ist sehr komisch, habe sehr gelacht. Ha Ha!

  • This is why I love home-made sound effects.


  • It didn’t end like a lot of T&J cartoons and it wasn’t fast-paced cartoon violence unlike T&J. Though the Nicktoons and stuff are even faster-paced for an 11-minute slot.

  • Fun, you knew the classic Bambi meets Godzilla ending was coming from the word go, but still fun to see it play out.

  • Cyle

    That was really fun. I especially liked the steam train.

  • m|3

    Loved it. Worked really well with the voice SFX.

  • I’m really liking the design of the mouse; simple but appealing.

  • I saw this the other day on youtube! Its great!

  • alan

    Fantastic! Make this on xbox live!!

  • I can’t believe they did all that animation, particularly of the mouse, in four days. That’s astounding!