Dilla Dilla


An armadillo lives in a perfect world that is threatened when a hunter enters the scene. Directed by Mike Klim, Stanley Moore, Dominic Pallotta and Mikey Sauls, Dilla was produced at Sarasota Florida’s Ringling College of Art + Design.

(Thanks, Lindsey Olivares)

  • It reminds me of the classic Looney Tunes shorts. I can definitely see a series of these before the feature on Cable, DVD, or theaters (if there was any money in it for them).

    Great use of color to emphasize the mood, and I love the backgrounds. 3D Features can learn a lot from these guys on cartoony environment design.

  • Larry Koster

    That was great. Obviously fans of the Warner Bros. cartoons. Good luck with their career.

    I hear Disney will be hiring in couple years when production ramps up. Maybe HR will give these guys a chance.

  • Nice work. Very cartoony! I really liked the look of the tree’s, all the backgrounds were great

  • TStevens

    Very Cool design!

    Student films today often have higher prodcution values than some features had just a few years ago. I can remember when it was a major deal for a student film to have color.

    • “A major deal when a student film had to have color??”

      Man.. what are they asking of kids these days?! I barely finished my film’s rough cut!(let alone color! haha)

      It’s amazing how much investment some schools make towards student films these days(*the Prague Philharmonic??! Sweet!)

      I guess it’s a popularity contest for these schools to suck in talent. The more you’re famous for student films the more attention you get. In the end, the better off a student will be really.

  • Chris J.

    In a perfect world, these guys would form their own studio and sell shorts like these to play in front of Feature Films like the old days. I could stand sitting through the damn commercials theatres play nowadays if I was getting a little entertainment like this . . .

    • red pill junkie

      “In a perfect world, these guys would form their own studio and sell shorts like these to play in front of Feature Films like the old days.”

      Maybe they could do a similar thing today with the aid of Netflix? Just throwing a few ideas…

  • Sweet. You guys are good.

  • carlos

    These guys are super talented, they should be proud!

  • Damn, that soundtrack was awesome! Really great job, dudes! I liked the designs and the lighting was nice. Really technically sound, folks

  • Mark

    Cute. Nice work. Wish it had a bit more focus on character animation, though.

  • Fun little film.

    Even though the cookie-cutter, crisp and clean 3D world doesn’t really appeal to me, you can’t say enough about these students hard work and vision.

    Congrats to all involved.

  • Christopher Smigliano

    That was very well done! Only quibble…The dog’s Muttley-like snicker.

  • Randy Koger

    Brilliant, inspired, refreshing! Great timing, characters, design!
    Congratulations to all involved!

  • Scarabim

    That is one cute armadillo. Nicely done.

  • Sam

    Love it!! Only few criticism is, Chase animation in student film is way overdone.. Considering the Gobelins students has done it for decades, I really want to see something more different with a stronger story and character performance.

    Glad to see Cartoon Brew featuring more student’s short from other schools!

  • Daj

    Great. The only thing that was a bit plain was the sound design, it put me off a little.

  • great fun. Win all around – big props on the music. all that work to kill an armadillo? wow

  • The BG design was nice. A 3D version of all those Disney shorts in the 50s. The character animation had all the clichés you can find in current cg features. I guess they’re ready for the big time.

    Why aren’t they teaching people to be original in schools?

    • Animation these days is not about originality(*unless it’s independant, tv commercials or music videos)

      Schools want cash from kids and recognition from the industry. They teach kids what is being done “now”, so the school gets recognition and future funding.

      Sometimes you’ll get students who’ll veer from the norm, but they’re the rare gems.

      True artists are the ones that have something new to say and try something new. Schools want attention and financing, so they’re purpose is to mass-produce “artists” to the industry. Sad but true.

      • Sam

        Unfortunately, ‘SOMETIMES’ they don’t get the job because they are doing things that are too different from what the industry wants.

        To students, the most important thing is to get a job by the end of the school. But doing what’s cliche and overdone is not an answer to getting a job too. They still have to make it interesting to impress the studio.

  • Nicolas Orizaga

    great cartoon…kind of strange that he took a shot at the the armadillo when he was sitting on his dog’s head!! I didn’t like the backgrounds at first…they looked too plastic but once the tempo picked up, it suited the short perfectly…great job!!

  • Mark Mitchell

    Congratulations Mikey, to you and the whole team! That was awesome.

  • Karen

    Wished the short had some character animation, but they typical student chase scenes are fun.

  • Impressive work guys! Love the end titles too!

  • Mr. James

    Great to see Ringling getting a nod here on Cartoon Brew. It’s my alma mater so I’m biased but good god it’s great to see this level coming out of there! Coincidentally, the school’s mascot is an armadillo so that’s a great nod to the school as well.

    As for all of you cranky poops and cartoon elitists on these comment boards…get a life and a little less jaded and cruel in your younger years. IT’S A CARTOON!! Plus, Ringling used to REALLY stress the artsy side of animation and if I had to sit through one more “end of year animation thesis” show where all of the plots were depressing and dark and just plain weird as all get-out, I would have slit my wrists. This cartoon is FUN…end of story. Get over yourselves. If you want to help the future of animation support these kids, not just throw them under the bus for doing, “another chase sequence”.

    Geez, don’t even get me started.

  • Pez

    Beautiful Work. great simple character design with strong poses. I could watch a movie that looks like this no problem. CGI movies have too many textures and fur that distract from the action. This film has Clear silhouettes and fun backgrounds. I like this more than almost all current CGI animated film work. Looking forward to seeing what this creative team will accomplish in the near future.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Rebecca Forth

    Congrats to Mikey, Stan and the rest of the team for getting up on Cartoon Brew!!! The short is amazing!!!!