“Fun With Father” by Chris Sanders “Fun With Father” by Chris Sanders

“Fun With Father” by Chris Sanders

Man, I miss hand drawn animation… someone uploaded one of Chris Sanders’ (Lilo and Stitch, How To Train Your Dragon) Cal Arts student films. Refreshing to watch despite the fuzzy video quality.

(Thanks, Chris Sobieniak)

  • wow. just wow.

    Not only do I miss Hand drawn animation, I also miss Mr. Sanders’ unique drawing style and incredibly quirky humor. That was terrific.

  • Zipper

    “Man I miss hand drawn animation”

    Am I missing something. You guys post countless examples of hand drawn animation. 

    • Chris Sobeniak

      I suppose we’re thinking more the pre-digital days of hand-drawn animation, the way it had been done under the camera and all that. I certainly miss those days. Obviously today’s digital world removes all those technical limitations that were there before, but for what we could do with them was still fascinating.

  • Watching this gem makes me miss Chris Sander’s brilliant webcomic “Kiskaloo”

  • One of my favorite Saunders student film (along with “Electric Breakfast”).

    But perhaps the best from that particular class of CalArts grads (which included many remarkable talents, including Mark Christiansen, Scott Jeralds, Bob Scott, Brett Koth and Rusty Mills) is the epic “Toby.”

  • Nice solid animation. I too, miss the days of hand drawn animation. Jerry didn’t have to tell me Chris went to Cal Arts, this REEKS of it.

  • Emmett Goodman

    You could say you miss hand-drawn animation. I say I miss that, and I miss Chris Sanders doing hand-drawn animation. His drawing style lends itself so beautifully to be animated.

  • Ridd

    Amazing stuff.

    Check out this animation http://taiyangguodu.deviantart.com/

    Not sure if it’s completely ‘hand drawn animation’ in the traditional sense, but definitely evokes the same feeling as watching this.

  • Feels like an old Chuck Jones short. Awesome find.

  • This was my favorite student films when I attended Cal Arts. It’s so unique, weird, and beautifully drawn and animated. I loved it back then and still love it today. Truly an inspiration!

  • Law


  • bob kurtz

    good is good! and remember- marshmallows ARE our enemy!

    • Jeffers

      Of course, just look at the end of Ghostbusters.

    • Karen


  • Stephen M. Levinson

    Hand Drawn Animation > CG > Flash

  • eeteed

    is the world safe now, father?

    too cute!

  • Nick Swift

    what a coincidence. I was actually just thinking if i could find some examples of chris sanders’ student work earlier today.

  • I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he could draw that well even back then, but it’s still pretty amazing.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Wonderful stuff!

  • Chris Sanders may not be doing a lot of hand drawn ANIMATION, but he is doing a helluva lot of hand drawn…well, DRAWINGS! Not only that, but he’s selling them in huggable-sized sketchbooks, available from Cartoon Brew advertiser Stuart Ng Books! EVERYBODY WINS!

  • Matt Sullivan

    I’m the one who uploaded this. I was hesitant to, because it’s not MY film. I just thought it was awesome, that animation fans might want to see it, and because Chris is awesome in general. If he objects I’ll gladly take it down.

    Ju-osh is right. Chris is still making awesome drawings, and directing awesome movies ( How to train your dragon )

  • Matt Sullivan

    One other thing. i LOVE the crackle and pop of the animation paper under a backlight. It’s something..probably only animators who’ve trained in 2d( paper ) animation appreciate, but it makes me happy :D

    • Matt DeWater

      Agreed!! I’m just now getting started (about a year into animation classes) and I definitely know what you mean. Thanks for uploading this :)

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I also like it that the Son is obviously the product of an interspecies marrige. (a wolf and a cat or tiger)

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I hadn’t thought of that in the longest, but now that it’s mentioned, it’s definitely there! Such thoughts on interspecies relationships is one I often notice quite often in some fan-oriented works. It certainly opens up many possibilities towards how hybrid/mixed animals might be or what kind of genetic qualities they could possess.

  • 100% Chris Sanders… those eyes! The absurd humor with a hint of dark undertones! I love how evident Chris’ joy of drawing is. A tad over-animated (as Richard Williams defines), but I share your enthusiasm about this Jerry.

    LILO AND STITCH is still the best thing Disney has put out in the past ten years… too bad they couldn’t see that. DRAGON was okay, but the story was trying to do too much for the powers that be at DW. Regardless when I know Chris Sanders is at the head of a project, I know I am going to get a feast for the eyeballs.

  • I also gotta say that if some student or professional were animating a short like this today, they likely would have introduced some unneeded gore or more ‘adult’ elements. The father would have thrown his son into the lawnmower accidentally or something sadistic like that.

    Animators and writers don’t allow for a gag to be absurd for its own sake like this anymore. There has to be a payoff, and it usually involves violence. That’s a downer for me.

  • wgan

    speaking of hand drawn, there’s no difference between traditional and digital, there’s only good and bad hand drawing

  • Ariel

    The true marriage of drawing skills with animation timing.

    Excellent post. Thanks!