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“Girl Wallet” by Skyler Page

A fresh and funny animation style combine with skilled storytelling in Skyler Page’s Girl Wallet. We featured Skyler’s second-year CalArts film Crater Face on the Brew last year, and displayed his costume-making skills, too.

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    This is soo awesome!

  • Adam

    Wonderful! I laughed audibly and then checked my wallet. (Boys)

  • Yeah, Skyler! Awesome animation and story.

  • lol



  • This is wonderful! I use a guy’s wallet…

  • it’s always a wonder that little gems like these that get posted on the brew scraps by with about a handful of comments

    • The Gee

      Yeah. It is kind of weird but I think the more artsy or some of the non-character driven commercial stuff (which seems to be promoting other than the piece itself) usually goes by without much comment.

      People do pipe up for the good, character animation though… Just not as many that chime in on the good character animation that sullies their childhood memories of sitting watching glowing boxes. Those posts are message magnets.

  • Iritscen

    Really funny, and he made very effective use of each cel. No wasted movements, but it didn’t feel choppy either.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    The character design reminds me a lot of Sally Cruikshank’s work.

    • The Gee

      On the female character, yes. That was my immediate thought, too.
      She is right out of one of Sally’s films. Not that is a bad thing that he did it like that.
      In fact, it was a nice surprise.

      Overall, I like the short. Though the central gag didn’t grab me, the short is done really well, from animation to pacing and that’s great to see.

    • tedzey

      You’re right! I couldn’t stop thinking of the female lead as Anita and the guy as Quasi! It’s definitely a different type of humor with this having more of a punchline rather than the dizzy-trippy feel you get out of cruikshank’s shorts!

  • Good-looking cartoon. Good audio. Funny.

  • This is really great, from design to animation, color & story.
    Awesome top to bottom, nice job..!

  • If Al Pardo likes it, then so do I!

    Great job Skyler!

  • Jim M

    Pretty awesome! Looked like he had a lot of fun making it.

  • Daron

    Awesome Skyler! Really funny! Great job! I especially like the antique road show guy’s acting!

  • That was awesome!!

  • Love the animation, great how he goes to the Antique Road show to get proof.

  • Tim Douglas

    Love it!

    I almost didn’t watch it because the still looked boring. It doesn’t do it justice.

    • Cameron Mc

      That seems to be Skyler’s luck. The thumbnail for “Crater Face” was the worst looking part of the whole animation! I almost wounder if he does it on purpose…

  • Some Girl

    Are these wallets available? Haha.

  • Skyler Page rules. I will make him a pizza because he rules. :)

  • Emm

    Nice job!

  • tomm


  • tomm

    great expressions in there funny stuff

  • First rate. Great characters, perfect audio. Perfect visuals. Funny without being forced. Loved CRATER FACE too. Inspired.

  • Kent

    Skyler, that was awesome!

  • Funkybat

    The best line was the Roadshow guy’s reaction to the photo he found; “Oh, cool, check it out…”

    Yeah, I’m sure the guy found it “cool” to see *that* pic.

  • Dee

    I love love love the antique guy, what with the little fingering the string business and the panic-struck clawing in the air. I watched this with my girlfriend and now we claw at imaginary things in the air for laughs.

  • HAHA I LOVED CRATER FACE LAST year! and this one was good as well. Its nice to see students tackling different genres

  • Bud

    GREAT stuff!

  • Dr. Truth

    HA!!!! That was great!!! I watched it twice back to back!! Great film! I’m a fan of this guy’s stuff!

  • Really, REALLY funny! Great stuff! Now… make another! I want more!