“Hung” by Vitaliy Strokous, Eusong Lee, Chris and Kyle Baeta-Orick

Character animator Vitaliy Strokous didn’t have any films in the CalArts Producer’s Show last night (which was a great program btw, and I’ll be posting some of the films screened here in the near future), but I was told he is an animator to look out for. So I looked him up online and found this fun little film he made last year with classmates Eusong Lee, Christopher and Kyle Baeta-Orick, produced in 48 hours sometime last semester.

  • Michael

    Produced in 48hours? Come on, really? I’m not buying that… Way too much here. But regardless, pretty great stuff for animation students.

  • http://www.bruandboegie.co.za Mike

    48 hours?!? If that’s legit, that is totally freaking awesome.

    I would’ve thought at least a month and a half. Not sure how they squeezed that all in to 48 hours unless there were like, 20 classmates each beavering away at a section.

  • http://jushers.blogspot.com Jushtin

    Dude, you have no idea. wait till you see his film for this year. it was pass the submission deadline so it didnt qualify for producers show but it’s pretty amazing…

  • http://russianspy437.blogspot.com vitaliy

    Hey, thanks for posting this! To clarify though, it wasn’t made in 48 hours, but in one very sleepless week. We made it for the CalArts 48 HR Film show. Eusong, Kyle, Chris and I each worked on different little chunks, so we could have fun combining different mediums.