“Mythology” by Daniel Jervis, Javier Inga and Ricardo Jurado

In ancient Greece, Zeus’ spoiled little girl shows us how the famous mythological creatures were really created.

Mythology was conceived by Daniel Jervis, Javier Inga and Ricardo Jurado as their graduation film at Image Campus, in Buenos Aires Argentina.

  • http://frecklesfun.blogspot.com Freckles

    wacky animation, cute story! Nice Work!!!

    • Stephen M. Levinson

      Exactly what I was thinking! The style is beautifully done too.

  • Nishi

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  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Loved the Cerberus she came up with. It’s like she didn’t even try: “What?! It’s a three-headed dog!”

  • Iritscen

    Funny stuff. I had no idea where this was going until the reveal at the end. Hey, it’s actually a pretty good explanation for all those weird creatures!

  • http://rodtejada.wordpress.com/ Rod Tejada

    It’s good to see stories that are original nowadays! Liked the colour and overall style of the short.

  • http://cortomitologia.blogspot.com Rafita Films

    We’re Rafita Films and we all put some effort to make this film, it’s nice to see that all you guys liked Mythology, thank you for your comments!

    Rafita Films!