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“(notes on) biology” by Ornana Films

Danny Madden and his partners Jonathan Silva and Will Madden (collectively known as Ornana Films), created this hand drawn masterpiece at Rising Starr Middle School in Fayetteville, Georgia.

  • Sat

    That’s exactly all I can remember from school.
    Very well done, fantastic work with sound too!

  • NC

    That so needs to be an iphone game. The next Angry Birds RIGHT HERE!!!!!! ROBOT ELEPHANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Really nice work. Reminds me of the million or so doodles in my high school notebooks.

  • Ben K.

    Even the credits were badass! Loved it! Really fun stuff.

  • Derik

    umm middle school!?! I should just give up right now…

    • Kim Madden

      Don’t despair! They’re not middle school students. It was just filmed at the middle school where I teach!

  • In all of the awesome things I’ve seen on this site, I think this has to be my favorite ever.

  • Jon

    are there creators actually middleschoolers? or was it just shot in a middle school

    • Kim Madden

      Just shot at a middle school.

  • That was fun. :D
    Music and sound were really great too.

  • Aj

    Amazing how they capture that moment you get caught not paying attention, but have the right answer, I cannot tell yo how many times that happened to me in high school. Excellent work

  • CallmeZ

    What awesomeness!

  • uncle wayne

    I am astounded that I am the only one to state “Ralph Phillips Revisited!” This is wonnnnderful! Brings back great high-school memories, too! (My Science Fair Project was….gasp!…”Animated Cartoons!”)

  • Cayse Cheatham

    Great well done. Really good timing… pro level.

  • Some Girl

    Heh..I wish I could do this in my highschool, if only I didn’t
    have to pay attention to taking notes. I’d be makin’ beast animations. Haha.

  • SHouldBeWorkin’

    Middle school is only the setting and extras, right? Please tell me this wasn’t animated by Middle-schoolers, otherwise we have a generation of super animators behind us!

  • Too cool for school!

    In related nerdity, I once read an interview with director David Lynch where he said that behavioral scientists discovered that drawing while listening actual INCREASES one’s take-home memories. S’true! The study found that students who doodled during lectures actually retained more of the information than those who did not. (NOTE: The doodles were in NO WAY related to the subject being lectured about. Hmn…I probably should’ve found a way to cram that into the last sentence. Oh, well.) Another super cool scientific secret? When the doodlers were allowed to flip through their doodles during the how-much-do-you-remember? exams, their scores were even HIGHER.

  • Spencer

    This is what being an animator is all about.

    And boy did I make some awesome flippies in high school. Maybe I should dig em up.

  • dunkwun

    these guys are friends of mine. They are not in middle school (you guys can all breathe easy, hah) but they are still talented for their age.

    glad to see it got posted on the brew.

  • No, they’re not middle schoolers, that was just the setting.

    Oh man that was awesome – I’m having flashbacks. xD

  • Very cool stuff. The beat-boxing was a very clever touch.

  • Steph

    That was fantastic! Makes me want to go draw right now!

  • Doug Drown

    Oh, wow. I absolutely loved this!

  • that was great! thanks for posting

  • Excellent in concept and execution. Just want to know how they registered the notebook?

  • Scott B.

    Was the live action pixillated, or just edited to look like pixillation (if you know what I’m axing)?

    In any case, fantastic work. When the elephant blasted the car, I blasted out a laugh. Great stuff!