“Ozo” from Supinfocom “Ozo” from Supinfocom

“Ozo” from Supinfocom

The beautifully designed Ozo, a thesis film from Supinfocom by Alex Vial, Martin Brunet, Leslie Martin & Matthieu Garcia, was made with Photoshop, 3dsmax, After Effects and Premiere Pro.

  • Flippen’ love this. Thanks. Some really great animation posted on CB recently.

  • Luke


  • Wow, EVERY design here is a hilarious and adorable.

  • Really nicely done. The colours specifically look perfect.

    One question, are those bird tracks backwards?

    • I caught that too. At first, I thought that was the joke, that he was following the tracks the wrong way, and I think that’s how it was supposed to read. But then they did correctly lead him to the bird on the crab. That little leap of logic/continuity error confused me, jarring out of experiencing the story. But only for a teeny moment. I loved this!!

  • Beautiful art and some really great jokes. The birds being used as objects… wonderful. Too bad the story is so “staged” and forced with no deeper character motivations and developments, which could have brought this thing to a new level. I was really hoping for a smart revenge twist coming from the ball creature, but yeah… it’s just a random accident and oh the ball thingie happens to be able to fly. Hm.. This always bothers me about a lot of Supinfocom and Gobelins stuff. You watch great art, have a sneak peak into great worlds driven by very original ideas and yet there is something missing… Look how the yeti-monkey creature is waking up… In the middle of a path surrounded by no personal things holding the egg weirdly in front of it. Even a nonsense story needs some background consistency and logic that makes you believe that this world existed before the first shot. There is so much potential given away here.