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“Paddy Pan” by Andrew Bowler

A cupcake tries to survive the oven – in this entertaining little student film, created with Flash, Maya and After Effects at Qantm College in Melbourne, Australia by Andrew Bowler.

  • Good work Andrew! Nice Chuck Jones staging.

    • abowler

      Thanks Greg! Hope Sydney has been treating you well.

  • TStevens

    I have to admit that I really wanted to see a hand come down in to screen right after he loses his legs and then a closeup on a set of teeth chomping him in half. Maybe it would have been a little too predictable that way. However, it would have been funny. Think of it as being the circle of life for a cupcake!

    My only issue is that I wish more kids had the time to animate on paper and get the inbetweens and breakdowns really tight. It seems like a lot of fuller animation in Flash doesn’t have a tightness to it that it would otherwise have if the assisting work were done well on paper or even in one of the Toon Boom products.

    None the less, it was quite cute!

    • abowler

      I know what you mean about having more time and getting the breakdowns tighter. A lot of this was done fairly loose and quickly because of not having enough time with other uni work and stuff.
      It was really only meant to be a 1 minute short, but I wanted to focus on the story, and it ended up being over 3 minutes…

  • Fraser MacLean

    What a beautiful piece of work! And what a fantastic score by John Barrett too – it underpins the timing and the staging of the action perfectly, very much in the tradition of Scott Bradley’s “Tom & Jerry” scores – but with an added cinematic sweep. I also really like the fact that it doesn’t get gruesome or dark or bleak – beyond the tension in the oven sequence and the “legs off” gag. I’d be interested to know at what point the decision was made to have “negative” eyes that are white on black – it also seems to work really well. Terrific! Obviously a director and animator (and composer) to watch.

    • abowler

      Thankyou very much for your great feedback Fraser! Appreciate it.
      I decided to have the negative eyes pretty much right from the start of pre-production when I was designing the character.
      Originally I was going to do it all in 3D and felt that black eyes suited the style I was going for, and as they had to be the strongest feature of the character to express himself ’cause he had no mouth and eyebrows, the contrast of the black on the “skin” colour worked a lot better than white.
      It also made him seem more cute, which would create more empathy with the audience.

      Thanks again!

  • Nice work Andrew. It is really well achieved and a very likeable character and great to see some more brilliant work coming from a Qantm college student again.