“Papaye” By Geoffery Godet “Papaye” By Geoffery Godet

“Papaye” By Geoffery Godet

Once upon a time, a cook tried to prepare a turtle for dinner. Papaye was directed by Geoffery Godet, his 4th year project at France’s Supinfocom.

  • i was loving it, until…WHY DID YOU KILL IT???

    • SpanielDayLewis

      That was the only bit of the film I enjoyed.

  • JM Walter

    WHAT?? No ¨unexpected¨twist at the end??….

    I actually like that ,it´s more refreshing.

    Like is like that sometimes, ask Woody Allen.

  • Lovely rendering and texture work. Not quite so lovely animation. Feels very, very stiff.

  • Mike B

    I really enjoyed it although it seemed like the gag fizzled out. Not much to the story but the movement was awesome. I thought this might have been stop-motion until I saw the turtle. I think it’s a lack of motion blur that makes it look like that. Something like Monster House.

  • TStevens

    I agree with JK on this one: it is a nice looking piece but, the animation does have that “student” feel to it. I think it takes a while for most 3D animators to get over that marionette quality to find their sense of timing and weight. However, there were moments where it felt like the character was starting to move under his own control.

  • B.Richards

    Having raised and lived with turtles for 20 years in the studio, this animation’s cruelty in search of a laugh made it hard for me to watch. They are not indestructible rocks. I know they are a food source in many cultures, but so are sharks, dogs and baby seals.They are some of the most interesting and beautiful reptiles and are 60 million years more “advanced” in evolution then we are. This animation does show that aspect well. Technique serves a good story so the audience is watching that develop and not the mechanicals.

  • Christopher Smigliano

    Very nice. My only complaint is that the turtle’s head seemed WAY too big.

    • B.Richards

      The head was more that of a land tortoise than a turtle, the shell design seemed based on that of a red eared slider or a cooter was a little too domed. I guess that was needed to make it rock at the end. Two bad a couple escapee snails weren’t there under the counter to help jack him back upright.

  • Great animation and overall design, but my love of animals found this difficult to watch.