<em>Piège en Eau Claire</em> by Nicolas de Gorter <em>Piège en Eau Claire</em> by Nicolas de Gorter

Piège en Eau Claire by Nicolas de Gorter

Student film by Nicolas de Gorter from Ecole Emile Cohl. Not perfect, but it looks like he was having fun with the idea.

(via Animation Blog)

  • Great look! Somebody hire him.

  • Emile Cohl? Where have I heard that name before.. hmmm.. :)

    It looks great. I like the style.

  • Mesterius

    Pretty fun… though I’m not sure the somewhat jerky movements really expanded on the bold designs. I think I would have preferred to see the characters glide fluently through the picture… elegant movement to match elegant design.

    On a side note: Did anybody aside from me think about the Katzenjammer Kids during this film? The eyes, smiles and head shapes of the two mischievious twins here bear quite a resemblance to the nefarious naughty duo of the Katzies… I wouldn’t be surpriced if they were one of the inspirational sources.

  • More security guards should take the initiative and break the wrists of complaining patrons.

  • Were someone to ask me, which they most certainly did not, I would have to say great design, colours, look, with funny animation and a professional finish – but bottom marks for storytelling. Really murky continuity in the compositions and I basically didn’t know what was happening at any point.
    So they put that shark in the whatnow? They’re stealing teeth? Are those kids trying to kill all the fish, is that their mom and is he the bad guy now? Motivations were all over the shop.

    IMHO, as they say.

  • not perfect?

    is theres such Thing as Perfect?

    thanks for posting it tho,
    looks like fun

  • Tim Schuit

    I have to agree with Tony.

    During the first 30 seconds of viewing I was all like “Woah…that’s a really cool style! This looks great”….after that point I realized I had no f-ing clue what was going on. So they suck a shark down a drain, they clamp it into place as they rub cotton candy on its teeth? Oh and then pressing buttons in a control room turns windows orange???

    I just skipped through most of it because it was too confusing.

    Great style, poor storytelling.

  • Doofus

    I’m glad it has an open ending. Really good for the most part. Something about the soundtrack sounded really…hollow. In particular the tune reminded me of the Incredibles a little, but not in a good way…. And i like the original Incredibles. I get what they were going for, but maybe it’s just the lifelessness of the midi. They should try to humanize the music, maybe use some diferrent instruments or add another layer and it’d really hit the note just right.

    Just my vitamins.

  • DN

    Brushing shark teeth. They (the aquarium) were brushing the shark’s teeth. And the boys were trying to take advantage of that to get a tooth. I guess the story isn’t its best aspect, but I didn’t find it all that arcane, if you let the story come out (it’s not apparent from the start–but that didn’t lessen my enjoyment of it).

  • Omnitarian

    I really liked it, I was able to follow the story well enough. At the very least, lots of great ideas going on here style-wise.

  • Iritscen

    The story (as already described by DN) seemed clear to me too, and the concept of forced automated shark tooth-brushing is quite amusing to me. I would point the finger at the continuity, as Tony Mines already said. There was no flow between any two shots. That being said, I thought the style was great. I liked the motions jerky and not fluid, it avoided feeling like Flash was being used to translate and scale symbols.

  • I found that an enjoyable little short with an inspirational use of colours for the characters within the set- the ‘flat’ approach reminded of Flat World, althought that was done with stop-motion rather then 2D digital animation.