“Prologue: The Recurrent One” by Andres Tapeton “Prologue: The Recurrent One” by Andres Tapeton

“Prologue: The Recurrent One” by Andres Tapeton

Here’s the perfect film for me to post in the middle of the night. Andres Tapeton’s graduation film from the Classical Animation program at the Vancouver Film School. It’s quite a trip. Tapeton wrote us to explain:

“This one is really personal, since it’s a representation of the most recurrent dream I have since childhood. I’ve been writing my dreams sporadically through the years, and I always joked when I was in school that some day I would make films out of them. And well, luckily my life brought me to the point that I actually know how to do that now, hah. And that’s why this one is just a prologue of what hopefully will become a personal animated project.”

  • Fantastic.
    Perfect timing. Never too fast, never too slow.

  • Tezuka’s JUMPING with reality intervening. Very nice film. Congratulations.

    • Thank you so much for the recommendation! I got to watch to interesting films within two seconds of each other!

  • Matt Bell

    Wow, what a psychologically engaging & beautiful little film.

    Bravo Andres, you nailed it!

    PS: Say “Hi” to Curtis for me if you see him wandering the halls at VFS

    – Matt from Aus

  • Cool! I really enjoyed this film! I’m eager to see where he takes this project!

  • Phil Tardif

    Really nice animation and pacing! I loved it!

  • D

    Loved the style of this short, very sketchy but also really polished and fluid. I found the whole thing really refreshing and would love to see the creator expand upon this.

  • I REALLY like where this is going! Please keep it up, I think this project is something special!

  • Love this. Awesome sound design too. Especially when he falls on the ground. Made me jump.

  • Damn! That was really good! Sound design was perfect and let the animation take center stage. Loved the retiming technique used during the jumps.

  • I feel like I’ve had (and loved) that dream myself! Wouldn’t it be something epic to experience…

  • Frank Ziegler

    Fun. Perfect minimal sounds to compliment the visuals. Really nice feeling of flying. Felt like I was there.