“Rooted” by Edwin Schaap “Rooted” by Edwin Schaap

“Rooted” by Edwin Schaap

Another student film from The Netherlands’ Utrecht School of Arts (HKU), this one called Rooted. It’s an (unintended?) update of Disney’s Flowers and Trees (1932) that plays like the first five minutes of some bizarre Pixar feature about two characters who can’t go Up, two trees who fall in love with each other:

Director: Edwin Schaap
with: Jeroen Hoolmans, Pim Reinders, Floyd Angenent
Music by Vidjay Beerepoot
Behind the Scenes film: Here

  • Mapache

    Creepy character deisng? Anyone?
    The influence of the 30’s cartoons is certainly there. I find that style repulsive. Is something that reminds me of old scary toys. Like the feeling that everything is so disney-ish you just can’t trust em. :(

  • Jay Sabicer

    Bittersweet account of a truncated (sorry, if I didn’t say it, someone else would’ve) romance. I agree, the character designs were a little to anthropomorphic, but I see why the animators were shooting for something more emotional, without getting too sappy (it’s after midnight, I apologize).

  • How sad. All they really needed to consummate their love was some bees.

  • cijfer

    His name is Schaap, not Schnaap.