Sassypants & Sweetieface: Animated Dreams

If you’ve ever made an animated film, you’ll be able to relate to Sassypants & Sweetieface: Animated Dreams by Phylicia Fuentes. Goofy drawings, creative movement, and funny voices–the type of fun animation that I love to see. It was made at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

(Thanks, Fran Krause)

  • Trevour

    Well now, Phylicia Fuentes is awesome!

  • Gina Kamentsky

    oh jeeze I love this!

  • Geneva

    Normally I don’t get a big laugh out of student films, but this was really funny! My friends liked it, too! 2 Cats 2 Curious was great.

  • sean

    this is great!!

  • Mac

    I really enjoyed that!

  • Tom Sito

    Where is the School of the Museum of Fine Arts? In NYC? It is a place I am not familiar with.

  • STEF

    I’ve only worked as an inbetweener and clean up artist so far… and I KNOW what that kind of pressure feels like. xD It’s good to know someone had the desition to point it out.

  • amid

    Tom: They’re in Boston. Their website is

  • christy

    this is great animation!

  • Janet Perlman

    I love this. Great voices and such funny animation!

  • Fooksie

    Very funny stuff. Great job!

  • Demetre

    That was great.

  • Lorelei

    Phylicia has such a wicked sense of fun and weirdness. Hooray for SMFA’s Phylicia!
    you can check out the smfa animation blog at