Sheridan College Student Films 2012 Sheridan College Student Films 2012

Sheridan College Student Films 2012

Canada’s Sheridan College is well known for the quality of their animation program and the work of their students (alumni include Dean Dublois, Michel Gagné and Danny Antonucci). Here’s a sneak peek/montage of this year’s graduate films – 63 of them in 2 minutes – which will screen publicly on Industry Day, Thursday April 26th. Beautiful looking stuff – can’t wait to see the full finished films.

  • Matt B

    It’s stuff like this makes me just about as happy as any movie trailer out there wishes it ever could.

  • EHH

    This is great! I recognize some of these students from deviantArt!

  • akira

    yay! they learned to make PBS quality cartoons!

    • The_Animator

      Most of that’s a hell of a lot nicer then anything on PBS now.

  • Dang.
    Wish I’d gone to Sheridan. A lot of cute, fun 2D animation in that video.

  • D

    I gotta say Sheridan Students do some good work, there were some really nice clips in this video. However I found most of the work in this video (and past year student reels) to lack a sort of edge and ingenuity,I guess what I’m saying is this stuff is good but its not particularly different or refreshing.

    • A

      You are making this comment about students’ films just from seeing a second or two of their work, that might not even be the best moment from their films.

      • F

        Unfortunately for the most part, its not untrue either…. can’t blame the students, the curriculum is such shit at sheridan. creativity isn’t really fostered or encouraged there. Great students, not so great educators