“The Windmill Farmer” by Joaquin Baldwin

Created at the UCLA Animation Workshop in 2010 by Joaquin Baldwin, this sensitive little silhouette film was inspired by the drive back from a trip to Palm Springs. Says Baldwin:

A friend said that it must take them forever to plant and grow so many windmills. I wrote down the title The Windmill Farmer for an idea to explore later, and about a year later I started developing it into a character and story. This film took 4 months to complete from the first boards until the final mix.

  • http://www.michaelspornanimation.com/splog/ Michael Sporn

    Beautiful and subtle animation. Very nicely done.

  • Scott B.

    Ah, if only…

    Lovely, hopeful tale. Beautiful backgrounds/palette.

  • http://www.pixelnitrate.com Joaquin Baldwin

    Thanks for sharing my film, Jerry! :)

  • uncle wayne

    What a beautiful film! Thank YOO for that share!!

  • http://strangepixels.blogspot.com Joe Boulden

    Poetry. Wonderful.

  • Rick R.

    Joaquin, that wasn’t just a really nicely told story, I also thought your use of natural color was well done!

    Great work, and I hope you can do more films like these and more!