The Mondo Media series "Happy Tree Friends." The Mondo Media series "Happy Tree Friends."

Mondo Media and Six Point Harness Finalize Merger

Mondo Media, the company behind Happy Tree Friends, and Six Point Harness, the studio responsible for Dick Figures, have pooled together their resources to form the new Mondo Media. The all-stock merger was officially closed in late-2015, but the companies announced only last Wednesday that they are formally operating as a single company.

Both companies are privately held, and financial terms of the merger were not disclosed. What we do know is that the new company recently opened a 16,000-square-foot studio in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Mondo Media will be known as Mondo for all of its consumer-facing activities, including distribution of its series to digital and broadcast networks, while production services will be offered through the name Six Point Harness.

The Six Point Harness series "Dick Figures."
The Six Point Harness series “Dick Figures.”

Mondo Media founder John Evershed will serve as CEO of the entire operation, while Six Point Harness founder Brendan Burch will assume the dual roles of Mondo Media’s chief creative officer and president of Six Point Harness, and join Mondo Media’s board of directors. As part of the merger, Third Wave Digital—investors in AwesomenessTV, MiTu, Tastemade, Stylehaul and Vessel—has invested in Mondo Media, and its managing partner, Allen DeBevoise, will continue to serve on the company’s board.

The companies are merging to take advantage of the growing market for adult animation, an area in which both of them have focused throughout the years. “Adult animation is a large, wide-open global video category, and our merger gives us the capacity to firmly establish the Mondo brand across multiple platforms,” Evershed said in a statement. “‘Superfan’ content like animation is in high demand on the digital platforms, and our large online audience and high quality make our shows attractive to traditional buyers.”

The Mondo Media series "Deep Space 69."
The Mondo Media series “Deep Space 69.”

Mondo has numerous adult-oriented projects in the works, including development on a cable TV series, and pre-production on an R-rated feature-length comedy for a major studio. The company also plans to resume production on some of its Youtube series.

Besides web series, Six Point Harness has done service work on numerous broadcast projects over its 13-year existence, including Fox’s Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, MTV’s Good Vibes, Nick Jr.’s Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, and Nickelodeon’s El Tigre.

  • Louis

    While I am not a fan of Happy Tree Friends or Dick Figures, I am glad to hear about this deal, and with the opening of a new studio and the spreading of more adult animation to broaden the medium. I wish all involved the best, and hopefully they will make something more popular (and better) than HTF and DF in the future.

    • ea

      TV and the internet are filled with adult animation. It’s THEATRICAL animation which is mostly considered kiddy or family-friendly (although that seems to be slowly changing).

      • Louis

        True, true, to be honest I was more excited about the opening of a new studio in Echo Park. I always enjoy hearing things like that.

    • Homer878

      I doubt anything that Mondo makes at this point will be better or more popular than HTF or DF (except maybe Deep Space 69).

      • Louis

        At this point, anything is possible. One can only hope.

  • BurntToShreds

    Rooster Teeth’s been producing adult animation since 2003 and has recently been breaking new ground with recent shows like Camp Camp and breakout hits like RWBY alongside their mainstay Red vs. Blue. I find it odd that CB’s never published an article about them.

  • Homer878

    This is the greatest news I’ve gotten all day. I can now look forward to new episodes of Happy Tree Friends, Dick Figures & Deep Space 69. I hope they release the movies they announced for them in 2014 as well (sequel in DF’s case).