<em>Enter the Void</em> Titles <em>Enter the Void</em> Titles

Enter the Void Titles

Gut-punchingly intense titles for Gaspar Noé’s Enter The Void, designed by Noé and Tom Kan. Motion graphics, experimental animation, labels as such are superfluous. These titles (music included) are fresh and exciting, and from what I’ve read about the film that follows, perfectly attuned to its tone and mood.

  • Chris Webb


  • and Björk!

  • diego

    I almost got an epilepsy attack, and I felt so uncomfortable that I wanted to stop the video from beginning to end, but I didn’t because these are great opening titles, with the intention of being uncomfortable.

  • Is this coming to the US finally??

  • stumpyuncle

    I think Noe is the most underrated filmmaker in history.

  • Well … no. I think I’ve seen better ones in this manner. I don’t like the choice of fonts which affects readability – after all, credits should shout out the names of the artists. But at least somebody did something different, so 3 points for trying.

  • Warhead

    Good Jesus, I’m surprised that didn’t give me a seizure!

  • craig

    IFC is releasing it later this year. The movie is really really intense (the title is fitting). This is only the beginning of the title sequence which is several minutes long and goes through ALL of the movie’s credits, even down to the music and caterer credits. It’s pretty rad.

    After that, there’s more crazy cool psychedelic animation for at least five minutes in a row once the main character takes some GHB and enters the void…

    • Travis

      he takes some DMT and “enters the void”… not GHB… idk how anyone could get that confused besides the fact that they are both 3 letter acronyms…

  • Oliver

    I think Noe is the second most overrated filmmaker working today, after Quentin Tarantino.

  • I think Noe is the most correctly-rated filmmaker working today.

    In all seriousness though, the credits are amazing, and despite giving me a headache, and I want to keep watching them over and over again.

    I’ve heard mixed things as to the film itself, but at the very least it’ll be unique and bizarre, which is always good.

  • Ernie

    Wow! That was great! Now name the people who worked on the film and what there positions were. Function follows form.

  • Ross

    This sort of reminds me of the trailer for Dr. Strangelove, except with more acid.

  • FP

    Beautiful. Reminds me of the flickering marquee end credits of ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE.