“Super” titles “Super” titles

“Super” titles

Here’s the fun, intentionally primitive, animated title sequence from Super, the new Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page superhero spoof. PUNY (Yo Gabba Gabba) in Minneapolis did the animation.

(Thanks, Hal via Twitchfilm)

  • I’m not too familiar with the show itself but I am a fan of that dance sequence.

  • Ryan

    Ha ha wow, that’s great. PUNY really did an amazing job. There’s a real energy in this that’s lacking in a lot of polished animation.

    I can’t wait for “Super: The Animated Series.”

  • Sarah (with an h)

    I love it when an animation like that can get me all pumped up for a movie. This s the kind of stuff that makes me want to go out and do animation.

  • Rob T.

    Dang, I didn’t intend to see this movie and now I may have to! The linework and figures may be “intentionally primitive”, but the staging, timing and body language is spot on.

  • Terrific! Really great layout and camera work, too.

  • Was My Face Red

    So much fun, and it flowed with the music in a way you seldom see. It was primitive and incredibly sophisticated at the same time.

  • so awesome

  • AaronSch

    That was like a jolt of amazing morning java. A nice example of synergy. The animation really pumps up the intensity of Tsar’s “Calling All Destroyers” without increasing the decibels.

  • Awesome work Puny! There’s a lot of great dynamic animation going on. I love the choreography. Looked great on the big screen too!

  • Luke Shea

    I love it! Snappy stuff! I was already planning to catch this one on DVD, but I might have to sneak out to a theater just to get smacked in the face with that animation, big-screen size.

  • Really nice work.

  • This put a massive smile on my face, great stuff.
    Primitive my ass Jerry, it looks pretty damn involved to me!

  • Cath

    Love!!! Reminds me of the animation style in “Mind Game” by Masaaki Yuasa.

  • that animation was totally excellent.

  • TJR

    Cool! ….and I dug the song too