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Introducing Boords, An Easy-To-Use Web-Based Storyboarding Tool

When James Chambers and Tom Judd, founders of London’s Animade studio, couldn’t find a simple software they liked for storyboarding, they decided to create their own, Boords.

The web-based storyboarding tool has been in beta since last year, and this spring begins a broader roll-out to the general public. A new promo, debuting exclusively below, pitches the tool:

Chambers and Judd emphasize Boords’ ease-of-use and simplicity; it is designed by and for artists. Anyone can begin storyboarding a project within a couple minutes of setting up an account.

The app, which requires an internet connection, allows an artist to quickly add, remove, reorder, and replace panels, and then to export the completed board as a pdf or to share it via private link. A “team feature” allows multiple users to collaborate on a storyboard remotely.

Boords is still a work in progress. “For us, 2017 is all about continuing to make this the best and most flexible storyboarding tool out there,” the creators said.

The company is listening closely to its users for feedback on the software. There is a public product roadmap where users can see what features are currently being developed and also suggest new ones they’d like to see implemented in future updates.

A basic account is free, but it is limited to two storyboards and has a watermark. The pro account, which allows for unlimited, watermark-free storyboards, starts at $12/per month. Team accounts can be added for an additional $12 per person.

For more info and to sign up, visit

Example of a collaborative storyboard made in Boords with the in-app drawing tool.
Example of a collaborative storyboard made in Boords with the in-app drawing tool.
The Boords dashboard.
The Boords dashboard.
  • Pedro Nakama

    And it’s web based so the work can be sent to any studio in the world to save on labor rates.

    • minkiu

      I see your point, but it really is web based so it’s cross-platform, so you can use it either on Windows, Mac or Linux.

    • Scott Smith

      And it’s web based so the work can be unavailable because of site maintenance right before you need to email it.

  • secretgoldfish

    FFS storyboard software which is web based AND subscription….no thanks, I already have enough ‘services’ sucking away at my wallet every month, let me guess you get nothing once you stop paying.

    I don’t think many of these start up services realise that most of us were FORCED into the Adobe extort../subscription model and it’s not something we’re in a hurry to extend by signing up for other permanent beta/extortion services.

    Thankfully you can still draw a storyboard with an old fashioned sharpie and pencil once you’ve made some photocopies of an old storyboard template, I like the ones where the 16:9 rectangle is bulged and has rounded corners like an old CRT tv but I’m old and grumpy about the kids these days ‘loving’ these free[sic]/subscription models.

  • UsaMiKo

    It looks nice, but in terms of layout and UI I think the program Shottio looks like a better option.