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‘Adventure Time’ sneak peek TONIGHT!

Sorry for the last minute notice, but our friend Joseph Games (Chogrin) says a full-length preview episode of Adventure Time will air TONIGHT (Thursday, March 11th) at 8:30pm Eastern (5:30pm Pacific) on Cartoon Network.

With so little originality in TV animation these days, I’m really rooting for this series to catch on. It’s not “Spumco” or the cookie cutter standard we’ve come to expect from CN, Nick or Disney. Pen’s got a fresh new take that TV cartoons desperately need. His art style it isn’t everyone’s “cup of tea”, but I love it – and we need more artists and creators like him.

The show’s official premiere will be on Monday, April 5th. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, visit Pen Ward’s website, read the production blog, watch the original pilot and check out the cool tribute art by The Autumn Society.

  • JP

    I always preferred “Bravest Warriors”, myself. Here’s hoping it might be a secondary short on Adventure Time at some point :)

  • AWESOME! Can’t wait!

  • Yeah, I’m a ‘Bravest Warriors’ guy too. Not all that crazy about Pen’s style, but I do appreciate the feel of his stuff…it’s like it’s being created by a six-year-old with thirty-six year old talent, if that makes the sense. Either way, it’s different, so go Pen go!

  • Mystical Miss M

    Loved it! Completely captures childhood. We need more content like this.

  • Great art weirdos are working on this show. I’m positive there are more talented people hard at work on this, but these are the fellas that I know of:

    Thomas Herpich:
    Phil Rynda:
    and just joining the crew,
    Jesse Moynihan:

  • jim m.

    According to the CN website, it’s showing at 8:30 Pacific, not 5:30 Pacific.

  • Lucky Jim

    I love Pen Ward’s stuff; it breaks a lot of the rules of “good” animation design, but still manages to be incredibly appealing and fun.

    I’ll be glued to the TV at 5:30 tonight, I can assure you.

  • I can’t wait myself. ALGEBRAIC!

  • jim m. – I’m in Los Angeles and have Dish TV with two Cartoon Network feeds (East coast and West Coast) that are next to each other (channels 176 and 177). The regular Cartoon Network channel (176) has Adventure Time listed on the programming grid for 5:30pm. The “ToonW” channel (177) has it listed at 8:30pm. Record it twice if you can! Better safe than sorry.

  • doop

    Someone upload it online please, not anywhere near a cable enabled TV. Been a long time coming, really looking forward to this one! Hopefully TV animation will be worth watching again.

  • Donald C.

    Pity, I have art history tonight.
    I’ll try to record it.

  • nice, I’ll record it since I’ll be trapped at work.

    Been looking forward to this show for a while now.

  • Deaniac

    I am sooo pumped for this! The original short and the commercials are already awesome, here’s to hoping that the preview will live up to all of the hype!

    What time is it??

  • tom

    I find it really derivative of Sally Cruickschank. Anyone remember her?

  • Good golly I’ve been a HUGE fan of Adventure Time ever since I watched it in 2006 (I think) at ComiCon. Since then I’ve been watching its progress like a HAWK. Looking forward to this IMMENSELY. And Pen’s such a humble dude. I think this series is going to rock my flippen’ socks.

  • HURRAY! i’m excited because this show is willing to do fun MOTION. in cartoons, you can do anything. very few people take advantage of that.

    best of luck, adventure time crew!

  • humming

    I’m in the Northeast and my listings and cable directory both say 8:30. Besides, it’s 5:30 NOW, and it’s not on. :D

  • humming – What part of “5:30pm Pacific” do you not understand?

    I’m in Los Angeles, you are in the Northeast. Where you live (Eastern Time) the show is on at 8:30pm. At the same time you are watching it, we here on the west coast (Pacific Time) can also see it. Because of the three-hour time difference, it’ll be 5:30pm here.

  • chdr

    Just letting you guys know, there’s going to be another full episode preview, next week at the same day and time.

  • jim m.

    Jerry: Thanks for clarifying.

    Also, Rebecca Sugar ( … and featured filmmaker here on the ‘Brew) is also on crew now.

  • Oh lord.

    That was amazing.

    Another show to put on my list of shows to watch.

  • I’m watching CN at 5:49 pm on Thurs March 11th and it’s not on…

  • On Time Warner Cable it’s on at 8:30 on the west coast apparently.

  • YK2

    Why no love for Phineas and Ferb on this blog? Has Disney just escaped the mind of cartoons? I am a huge fan of the series, and find it to be a totally different experience from any other cartoon on children’s TV.

    I’m still upset that Disney doesn’t push the show around awards times, because there are some near perfect half hours of animation that P&F have shown. Their Chirstmas special had the most emotion of any children’s TV series in the past 5 year.

    Seriously, show Dan and Swampy some love. They do an excellent job at creating a fun world to escape to.

  • Deaniac


    Saw it, liked it. It met my expectations, but it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. But that’s just because I tend to overrate things too highly. :P

    I still think this show is going to be great. Give it a little time.

  • A.C.

    I watched it and it was great! I was really expecting the plot to turn into, “The businessmen start saying, ‘when are we getting paid’ and then hi-jinks ensue for Finn and Jake!” But they didn’t go that route and I was very entertained.

    I hope they manage to stay on the air much longer than Chowder!

  • Don Adams

    Whoa….I just watched that link, Tom.

    Adventure Time looks hugely influenced by Sally Cruickschank. Pen must be a fan. To be fair though, AT seems to have a slight anime flavor to it as well.

    In any case, look forward to seeing the show tonight.

  • Mike Milo – They ran one 11-minute episode at 5:30pm Pacific (by 5:49pm it was over). I saw it. (I loved it). It will show again at 8:30.

  • mrscriblam

    saw it


    that is all i have to report

  • I watched it, loved it, and I hope nothing but the best for this show.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Ah. yet another UGLY cartoon.

  • I liked it. Think it has potential. And the animation is nice and rubbery.

  • I enjoyed it. The rubbery animation was fun to watch.

    Let’s hope that CN will treat this show good.

  • christy


  • I wasn’t too enthused with the voice talent, but I thought visually it was amazing. And the story doesn’t talk down to kids, either, which I loved. I like how it is set in its own world, also. Most shows seem to forget that, and put their characters in a semi-realistic kinda place. Great show!

  • Jacob

    its obviously flame princess, bcuz go 2 adventure time wiki and look at her photos it wil show stuff u saw in the trailer including finn and jake being blue.