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“Allen Gregory” talkback

Tonight Fox unveiled its latest attempt to create a successful animated series that can fill the gap between its Sunday night superstars, The Simpsons and Family Guy. Actor/comedian Jonah Hill co-created the series (with Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul) and voices the lead character, Allen Gregory.

Yay or Nay? What do you say?

  • Can’t say I enjoyed it. All the characters are obnoxious, the jokes aren’t funny, and I can’t say I’m a fan of the designs.

    Keep trying, Fox. Keep trying.

  • Mike Russo

    American Dad got kicked off the block for this?!?

    • Snagglepuss

      A-Dad is gone? Nooooo….

      • Funkybat

        Actually, American Dad returns at 9:30 the next two Sundays. It’s Cleveland that appears to have disappeared. Not sure what Fox has in mind, I figured they would push Cleveland or American Dad to 7:30 but no sign of that for now. I’m just glad that American Dad is not getting shafted, it’s my favorite of the MacFarlane shows.

  • Mike

    Didn’t really take to it, and those character designs make me shudder every time I see them..

  • Magnusson

    The characters were all so hateful and misanthropic that Ayn Rand would be proud.

    • Dan

      I would think that CB readers would be able to identify with a. Pretentious, hateful protagonist.

      • joe

        Seems like we can’t go one thread without a comment like this. OH NO HE HAS AN OPINION ;_;.

      • AniCentric

        And the funniest thing? The hypocrisy on your part.

        So it’s ok for Magnusson to have one, if it matches yours, but when Dan has his own opinion of Mag’s, it’s suddenly NOT ok to have an opinion, anymore?

        Thanks for letting me know how it works.

      • joe

        …except I never stated my opinion on this cartoon. I actually thought it was okay, I liked the jokes but I didn’t really care about the characters, and I’m a bit iffy on the design and animation.

        To counter someone’s opinion of something with an ad hominem is stupid. Why not just causally disagree and talk about why you liked it instead of claiming someone is pretentious and is an elitist for saying a show sucks?

        Because it isn’t elitist to say something sucks.

  • Sure, employ Jonah Hill to make a cartoon and while we’re at it let’s ask a pigeon to design a submarine

    • Snagglepuss

      A bringer of laughs asked to design a vessel of laughs?

  • Luke

    The main character is way too unlikeable. Almost everyone was now that I think of it. Why am I supposed to be rooting for this kid? I know you can have flawed characters, but it was a bit much. The “romance” between him and his principal was disgusting and not funny.

  • I didn’t like it at all. Let’s hope Napoleon Dynamite is better.

  • Bud

    Why are thecreators of this cartoon so afraid of character and sincerity? And why are they so enamored of bad and ugly design? The writing is so hateful, cynical, and cheap, it’s hard to get ahold of what the show is actually trying to be about. Unless they do a 100% revamp in the next 2 episodes, it’ll be gone by the 4th. Truly awful show.

    • Funkybat

      I think sincerity is considered lame or passe for prime-time animation, the only series currently on Fox that exhibits any really sincere moments is the Simpsons. American Dad will dabble with it, but always turn things around to a snarky direction right away, as if to reassure the viewer “don’t worry, we’re not actually serious.” Family Guy had some sincerity early on, but has almost completely abandoned it.

      Allen Gregory was pretty much exactly what I expected. I don’t expect anything heartfelt outside of cable or overseas when it comes to contemporary adult-oriented animation. Hell, The Critic would probably be considered overly sincere today. The Venture Bros. is the only exception to the rule from what I’ve seen.

      As for the design, I think I’d better just stop right now. My opinions on 2D character design trends are a whole other discussion…

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    If my old man was Allen Gregory’s dad/singular, he’d have slapped the crap out of that kid. And frankly, that’s all I wanted to do during this ep. Unlike “King of the Hill” which had a human center in Hank, Allan Gregory the character is simply hateful and everybody in his orbit seem also to have checked out of the human race. When Allen asked a schoolmate why other kids don’t like him, I shouted out loud “Because you act like an asshole!” I wanted Nelson from “The Simpsons” to transfer into his class and administer a much-needed beating. The two gay dads don’t work, the grim-dark sister sounded like she borrowed her shtick from “The Oblongs,” the business with the school principal didn’t work … honestly, NONE of it worked. If this goes beyond three eps, either it’s because the fix is in, or else it’ll be a miracle. Then again, a show like this may be a sign of the impending Apocalypse.

    Yeah, I hated it.

    • Daniel J. Drazen

      I tried rethinking my reaction to the show, and thought about the quality of the writing, but could only summarize it in two words: “WHAT writing?” It was various situations and characters strung together like plastic Mardi Gras beads. The whole thing just didn’t work.

      The final shot was characteristic of the problem: Allen walking away from the auditorium. The character was so willfully detached he seemed not to belong in the show named after him.

      In any other universe, the principal would have grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, plopped him into the nearest seat, and said “You’ll keep your butt in that chair and be bored along with the rest of us!” But apparently even that level of writing was too much to expect from the creatives.

      • The vibe I got was that the principal didn’t even want to chase after that pretentious, annoying [insert vulgarity here].

        And for good reason.

  • I made it 3 minutes in and decided I’d had enough. I suspect this will last several seasons on Fox.

    • ha, I lasted 5 minutes, and wish I could get it back.

    • Paul

      I saw the pre-view in The Simpsons and changed the channel before it started.

  • Baron Lego

    I couldn’t make it through the entire thing and I didn’t laugh once during what I managed to watch. It seemed to wallow in its own venom and self-perceived level of wit.

  • top cat james

    Any chance “Bob’s Burgers” return date can be moved up to oh…right now?

    • what happened to that show? why the long wait?

      • Gene’s probably annoying the production staff with a megaphone.

  • NC

    To echo everyone else. It’s just really mean spirited. It’s like if Katzenburg produced a tv series sans the weird smirk thing… but I’m sure we’ll see that soon enough.

  • Josh

    I actually didn’t hate it as much as I thought it would. The show, animation-wise, is ugly…but we all knew that ahead of time. Animated shows on Fox aren’t there for the joy of animation.

    The show ran a bit sloppy, but it had a lot of material and characters to introduce, and I feel like that was its major failing. If you notice, this episode didn’t have anywhere near as much “plot” content as it did “character/exposition” content. There are probably characters and relationships that they should have waited until later episodes to introduce more organically, and the rapid-fire of character introduction probably was a large part of what turned people off. The benefit of having all this exposition out of the way is that the next couple episodes will show the actual episode format, though the downside is that many people have probably already written it off, and the rapid-fire nature of it gave us very little time with anyone but Allen Gregory himself.

    I don’t mind insincere, mean, cynical characters. I don’t mind insincere, mean, cynical worlds or works of fiction. Maybe it’s the mean, cynical part of me talking, but there’s something refreshing about something that tosses out saccharine plotlines for something that has a bit more meanness to it. At some point, when everyone is angling for something “sweet”, it’s kind of nice to get something sour once and awhile. I appreciated this rare acerbic treat, even though it’s cheaply made and sloppily executed.

    The biggest problems with this show are that it’s horrendously ugly to look at and the first episode lacked direction and was mired in exposition. I thought I’d dislike it for more than that, but I didn’t. I didn’t think it was particularly unfunny or particularly funny. It was…a very neutral reaction And honestly, I expected worse than that from Fox animation. It gave me enough to look at it again, I guess.

    If the show was a woman: She’s not a pretty girl, I’m not in love, but I’m not repulsed by her personality. That’s a start.

    • ‘If the show was a woman: She’s not a pretty girl, I’m not in love, but I’m not repulsed by her personality. That’s a start’

      I think you may have this wrong. If the girl was not pretty she’d BETTER have a GREAT personality… if she has no personality she’d BETTER be ATTRACTIVE… a second date with someone in possession of neither would appear fatuitous and any friend worth their sausages would point out that believing this to be a start is an error

      • Ted

        As an approach to women, Mick, you suggest a horrible approach. But this show isn’t a woman. Ditch the analogy and just apply the approach to the show.

      • It was josh’s analogy by the way. I am pretty sure this show isn’t a woman I was just joining in for laughs. Quite the opposite of your own motivation.

      • Amber Lynn

        haha. misogyny is hilarious.

      • being mad at your parents is pase

  • Kyle Russell

    I can sense the humor in there, and like the voice work, but ultimately the horrible computer designs drown it all. I wanted it work, but left disappointed. You cant blame them though because all cartoons now are digital, especially The Simpsons is loosing all credibility from its shoddy forced HD computer animation. But, in the end i feel Allen Gregory will be forgotten, unless it steps up its game and gains a cult following.

    • Superjail! is animated in Flash, and has far better animation – at least first-season-wise; I haven’t seen the second – than Allen Gregory. This is just illustrated radio.

    • Dana G

      A computer did not design the characters. Bad character designers designed them and used a computer to draw them. The computer is just a tool; if people use that tool as an excuse to make something of bad quality, it’s not the computer’s fault.

  • spur

    I tried, I really tried. The first 5 minutes was just hateful banter, I couldn’t take any more.

    Why do writers think characters that do nothing but spit insults & cynicism is funny at all?

    • BDorr

      Its the cheap comedians way to snag easy laughs. Most people in the world enjoy a good laugh at the expense of another. It seems to be the only motivation for it. This show is basically the product of a spiteful fat boy who needs an outlet to get back at all those bullies in elementary.
      DOnt worry, it will be gone soon

  • Dan

    Good Vibes or Allan Gregory?

    I think good vibes won the cartoon-off this week.

  • Kevin Dougherty

    Geez, I just hate to be one of those internet naysayers who bitch and moan without ever bringing anything positive to the table but…”Allan Gregory” was just so weirdly unfunny and uncomfortable. The premise was terrible…it was a bunch of insider Hollywood cliches strung together. It just didn’t work. Sorry. On a positive note, while the animation was fair-to-middling, the design was pretty sharp and the color work was beautifully executed and looked great. I really wanted this to be interesting.

  • Honestly, the design is so bland, so ugly, that I’m sure I’ll never watch it. Many American animated TV shows have ugly design. It is a matter of not having any taste, of not studying art history, of not sincerely seeking to find appeal in characters, the most important element according to Walt Disney himself. Ugly is not beautiful, folks. Imagine dating an ugly girl, or guy; who needs it.

  • David

    Two minutes . . . that’s all I could take. i wasn’t feeling it at ALL!!!

  • Nay x1000

    My cartoons are better than this and should be on TV.

  • Mat

    Congrats FOX , on making a series that might get cancelled within 2 months , if it fails like Charlie`s Angels.

    I find this show has a very unlikable main character and add the fact that he is 7 years old and it`s kinda creepy on how I see him as a mini Jonah Hill (since he does the voice) , the bald father is unlikable as he treats his partner like shit and Allan`s crush on the principal is as disturbing as Yzma`s armpit hair ( Yes i said that)

    In the end , I got this to say : Bring American Dad back . at least THAT`s funny !

  • Ken Layton

    Let’s see, several words come to mind right away with this “show” (and I use the term loosely):





  • big bad balloon

    Better than Bob’s Boogers, not as good as American Dad. Same voice actor but AD’S Roger > AG’s bald gay dad.

  • jake tashjian

    i’m surprised you guys don’t like the show. i really liked it. i’m a huge fan of jonah hill and his writing. i thought the animation style was retro-cool. give the guy some slack!

    • Rajesh

      Why give him any slack? Professionals should be held to professional standards. I can name two dozen underpaid cartoonists, voice actors, and writers who could have imagined a better cartoon.

    • News Flash: Jonah Hill is NOT Woody Allen, Groucho Marx, Steve Martin, or Larry David. Nor is he Ward Kimball or Chuck Jones. He is semi-amusing, and only sometimes, and is truly over-rated. REALLY. He is a flavor-of-the- month wannabe in a Hollywood seriously lacking in great cinematic comedians these days. Clearly, he is WAY out of his league in animation. He’s no Michael Maltese either. Sorry, folks, this junk just isn’t IT. Go back and watch your Looney Tunes DVDs for real cartoon humor, the kind that really makes you laugh, ALOUD.

      • Snagglepuss

        “I’m old!”

  • Yaaawwwwwwwn…

    Sad how TV animations’ no longer about “fun” or “design sense” anymore (*except for Adventure Time with Finn and Jake! of course)

  • Rick R.

    The only “genius at school” character that ever worked in sitcoms or animation is Lisa Simpson. That the character worked is a combination of Yeardley Smith’s consistent awesome voice acting, and the writing that makes Lisa warm and sympathetic.

    Jonah Hill can do geeky, funny and sympathetic. He was really great as the numbers guy in Moneyball and in animation as the D&D dragon stat geek Viking Snotlout in How to Train Your Dragon. I do not fault his voice or acting talents, because he has talent.

    But retro-cool never looked like that (and I always found the style to be overrated anyway), and as everyone else said, there’s nothing fun or sincere in the entire show. So I will blame the writers (including Jonah) for not doing very well and go with “Nay.”

    • Kelfeth

      Actually, that was Christopher Mintz-Plasse as the D&D geek viking, Jonah Hill was the thuggish one that kept trying to impress Astrid.

      • Rick R.

        Okay.. I saw the behind the scenes on my DVD of it recently, and thought the nerdy one was him. Oh well.

  • …not as good as American Dad.


    • joe

      Especially considering American Dad has been putting out turd episodes recently.

      • Mike Russo

        Could you elaborate on that one?

      • joe

        Surely. The pacing has been way too slow for the past season. American Dad used to be able to deliver it’s jokes fast and snappy, like Family Guy when it’s direction was fantastic. The jokes themselves are mostly based on “lol AWKWARD” humor instead of being really character based like they used to. The violence has be put up a notch, but that’s really just personal taste and doesn’t effect the joke dramatically, unlike whatever Family Guy has been doing recently with dark humor without actual humor.

        But I still think the show is watchable. This past season has just been weak. No big deal.

  • Snagglepuss

    It’s not very good. But just wait 15 years. The same people whining about it now will be calling it a classic.

    • Jeff

      No, they won’t. By that time it will be long forgotten.

    • joe

      And what show have people done that too?

      • Snagglepuss

        I just found these comments. I’m so glad I didn’t engage you guys.

      • Kevin Dougherty

        “Fish Police”

  • Hooper

    The lead character’s design reminded me of Kyle’s obnoxious cousin Kyle from ‘South Park’….and this was months *before* the episode even aired!! And Allen Gregory’s personality and speech pattern reminded me why you couldn’t freakin’ PAY me to live in L.A. again!!

  • I got a few chuckles and even a laugh or two. The show certainly has potential. If only the characters weren’t so obnoxious.

  • I was shocked when I saw the trailer months ago at how bad it was. I’ve seen Jonah Hill perform live and laughed a bucket of happy juice brain semen, but this show give me no boner in my brain. Flaccid goes my brain dick. It is everything wrong with a cartoon, design, the lack of orgianlity, the just… I’m sorry I hope it dies and I’d be the one to finsih it off by taking a rock to it’s head, but I’d break it’s legs first to make it suffer first.

    • tredlow

      That’s one of the best reviews I’ve ever seen.

  • Skip

    I saw the commercial for this show, and it was enough to make me want nothing more to do with it.

  • SKent.

    The title character and his father were truly appalling. But I have to think that was the intention. It is a Fox show, and apparently that worked for Family Guy and Homer Simpson.

    The sister was the closest thing to a sympathetic character.

    I found it intriguing, if irritating and unsatisfying. The low point was the love fantasy/poo-pants scene. Sub-South Park stuff there. Although I will grant that it was unexpected, given the pretentious attempts at sophistication.

    • Funkybat

      The father was like a hateful version of Dr. Venture, with all of the redeeming qualities of Rusty removed and a bunch of new, unappealing stuff jammed in. I mean, when Dr. Venture looks like a caring and good-hearted person by comparison to your character…

      One other thing I noticed about the show is that it looks like a lot of the scenes were re-animated, sometimes with new character designs. There are a bunch of clips that have been floating around in advance that where Ms. Winthrop had a different hair color, and the camera angles in several scenes such as the “Charlie Rose” shot were changed. I’m wondering how long ago those adjustments were made.

      • Jeff

        I was also going to post that the dad is just an unfunny version of Dr. Venture. I hope these guys get sued.

      • tredlow

        Actually, the Dad looks like an animated version of Dean Pelton from Community.

  • tredlow

    After enjoying the hell out of Bob’s Burgers, I really wanted to like Allen Gregory. I wanted so bad for Fox animated shows to be worth watching again (Simpsons stopped being great, Futurama left the channel, and Seth Macfarlane shows don’t interest me). Sadly, I couldn’t.

    Believe it or not, I actually have no problems with the art direction. It’s not great, but it’s not horrible. Then again, I never really cared about the art direction of these down-to-earth ‘sitcom-y’ shows, because they’re not supposed to WOW the audience, they’re just there to convey the story.

    However, the characters are so, so unlikeable. Maybe it’s because I had high expectation after watching Bob’s Burgers, in which I love the characters after watching the first 10 minutes of the series, but the characters in Allen Gregory are so unlikeable and uninteresting that I really don’t care what happens to them.

    I dunno, it’s a new series, so maybe it’ll get better after a few episodes.

  • Jeff

    I’m not exaggerating here: I’ve been to funerals that were funnier than “Allen Gregory”.

    I hated Bob’s Burgers, but this was 1,000 times worse.

  • Napoleon Dynamite is more promising than this.

    • fred ferdman

      Genital mutilation is more promising than this.

  • Tom D

    I’m willing to give this some more time. I know Hill is funny, the other voice actors are strong, the designs will grow on me and hopefully improve, and the kind of feedback they’re getting here (minus a few troll comments) will hopefully shape the characters in ways that can help the project to succeed.

    There are a good many animated programs that have survived problematic early episodes. Hopefully this will get a fair shake.

  • MadRat

    OK, I watched it. So what do I think? A TV show at one time slot and with one target audience can be a dud, with another time slot and target audience it can be a hit. Put Allen Gregory on Adult Swim and it’s a hit, this is the kind of show Adult Swim viewers love. Put it on broadcast TV during prime time and it will flop. That’s not the kind of viewer that wants to sit in their chairs squirming and feeling uncomfortable. The only problem is Richard DeLongpre (Allen Gregory’s father) is too much like Dr. Rusty Venture from Venture Bros but you never know, Adult Swim viewers might light imagine Dr. Venture as a cross between a wealthy, gay socialite, Dr. Venture and The Monarch.

    • tredlow

      I think it’s a little too down-to-earth for Adult Swim.

    • I call bullshit on jonnah hill. He wanted to cameo in the venture brothers but doc hammer and Jackson never went through with it. I don’t remember if it was because I his character or what but Jonah said he like vb and wants to be a part of it. The two fathers of Allen gregory are directly linked to dr. Venture and broc. The vb plays around with the idea that doc and Brock are gay but aren’t. In Allen Gregory they are and they play the same basic roles as doc and Brock. Wimpy bald thin inheritance idiot and a big strong attractive guy who is logically in control and cares for the family while the skinny guy bithes about how much every thing sucks. Besides this Allen Gregory is pretty original but that is Sooo muh like vb.

  • CentriAnic

    I loved it!

    No, just kidding. I hated it. Like I hate everything, ever, except for Red Skelton.

    • AniCentric


      Ah…. Clever. Oh wait. No, actually it’s really not.

      • CentriAnic

        More cleverer than Alan Gregory! Snappity!

  • Not entertaining.

  • AJ

    To me it smells of pretentiousness and I personaly really dislike all the bile that every single character throws at each other.

  • E. Nygma

    I was watching Jonah Hill on a talk show and they basically just gave him a chance to make a cartoon and hoped it would be good. he said it himself.

    Pretty sad that there are creative, animation loving talented people around the world that can’t get a chance to even give a pitch when they actually have a good idea!

  • Miles

    Really, really awful, but I think it’s actually a step up from the MacFarlane cartoons, in terms of writing and design.

    • BDorr

      Too bad you dont like american dad. Its very clever. Cleveland show and family guy both suck, but how dare you say they are worse than allen gregory? Consider castrating yourself. Have you ever seen that show angela anaconda? that animation style is a step up from allen gregory, and its one of the worst i can think of.

  • Doug

    Don’t like the premise, don’t like the design, don’t like the character. I watched a few minutes of it and quickly realized I wouldn’t watch it again.

    In addition, I don’t get the concept of having an full-grown adult voice a small child — any more than I could ever understand why an adult female is usually chosen to portray Peter Pan in live presentations, rather than an actual kid. Makes no sense.

    • tredlow

      Peter Pan being portrayed by an adult female in live presentations is strange, sure, but adults voicing kids in cartoons actually makes perfect sense.

      It’s mostly because it’s harder to find kids with good voice acting talent and comedic timing than it is to find adults (not impossible, just harder) and that as kids grow up, their voices change, unlike adults (Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith have been voicing Bart and Lisa Simpson for over 20 years. If they were children, they’d be replaced every 5 years).

      The problem with Allen Gregory, however, is that they don’t even try to make him sound like a kid. Bart Simpson and the South Park kids may not sound like any real kid we’ve seen, but the youth can be found in their voices. Allen Gregory’s voice, if you listen with your eyes closed, sound nothing like a child. And not just the voice, but the inflections and tones as well.

    • hitface

      as far as I can tell its a bit of a tradition to have a a female play peter pan, even in kid’s renditions… I’m nnot sure why!
      thats unrelated though ha.

  • Jonah Hill is enjoyable on screen; you’re always rooting for his character. Allen Gregory, not so much. The show sets up a scenario where he’ll be a fish out of water at school and eventually the audience will be on his side. There were a few moments of that in this first episode. They’re trying to do something different, but this show probably belongs on Adult Swim rather than Fox.

    Where’s BOB’S BURGERS at these days? That show nailed the funny and sincerity from the get go.

    • tredlow

      Second season airs in 2012, I think.

    • I quite enjoyed it as well. I thought it had a good mix of family and adult humour and puts a different spin on being the odd kid out at school, having a crush on your teacher, hating your sibling etc etc. More for me please.

  • I heard it more than watched it thought it was fairly funny I like cynical mean spirited stuff would make a better podcast maybe, because visually Allen Gregory bothers me. Meh, I’ll probably watch or listen to a few more episodes maybe either way history suggest it will get cancelled soon and replaced with another rerun of Family Guy or a more crappier radio show pretending to be an animation. Ugh, I dunno Animation Domination hasn’t been the same since King of the Hill ended.

  • Mike Russo

    One day FOX is going to air a prime time cartoon that gets canceled three seconds into it’s first episode.

  • Matt

    hmmmmm…. is it just me or does Allen gregory’s face remind me of something…?

    which means it’s quite disturbing.

    I haven’t seen the series. However his face is enough to just say no to TV, but yes to a bank robbery and Halloween masks.

  • I wonder the if the character designs are based from like the Yahoo Avatar characters or something like that you know what I mean? (Thats what it reminds me of.) Some online character customizing game…

  • Michelle

    I lasted three or four minutes into the first episode (which is a free download at itunes).

    This show is totally without merit.

  • Amber Lynn

    I’m stunned by the amount of commenters bashing the overall design of Allen Gregory then reminiscing about how great American Dad is.

    American Dad is t-r-a-s-h, it is an unfunny, poorly written, poorly developed, rehash of a rehash show.

    That being said, Allen Gregory’s content, namely the cynicism and creepy romance, didn’t sit well with me. However, the design was new, and interesting. I’m tired of the Simpson’s design and the rehash of the Simpson’s design, Family Guy.

    Allen Gregory did a bold thing, it broke from the pack, and tried to make something new. And even though I didn’t like the writing I’ll give it a second chance.

    • VectorVictor

      Agree with you on most of what you’re saying but, actually, there’s nothing new about the design of this show- its vintage 2003 Kid Notorious character design without the gradients. Look it up- the similarities are startling. What they did differently here with this show is get background designers that can’t (or weren’t allowed to because of time constraints) draw or paint like the KN designers, and animate a show in Harmony that could have been done just as well in Flash. It would have been done faster, and more affordably, and the entire show could have then been done in-house instead of having to outsource the heavy lifting overseas. Harmony is very powerful but not really much of an advantage on a show like this at all.

      But ultimately, the style isn’t the problem with this show, content is. The smart-ass nastiness of some of the humor reminded me of the uneasy Father of the Pride and their remarkably cold “her ovaries turned to concrete years ago” jokes. Fun!

      An unappealing jerk of a lead character with no redeeming traits whatsoever would only make some viewers tune in again just to wish for his demise.

  • Doug

    I was surprised at how totally void of entertainment this show was. I didn’t laugh once. Wow, this show is a total waste of programming time.

  • Dave O.


    A waste of effort on everyone’s parts.

    Humor that is working so hard to be subversive, its forgetting that it has to be entertaining first.

    Ugly as sin to look at too.

    Fox can’t erase this garbage from history fast enough.

  • I say this in all seriousness… Jonah Hill is a comedian?

  • Jonah Hill is another one trick pony alongside seth rogen,and micheal cera. His comedy is garbage, his acting is garbage, his appeal is still eluding me? Why is this former lunchbox so overhyped? Allen Gregory was atrocious, and anyone on here stating its good because its a bold move, or that it is better than American Dad should heavily consider a lobotomy and a suicide plan. Angela Anaconda was better than this, and it took everything i had back then to even put up with one of that shows commercials.
    This show is abysmal and Hollywood really needs to reconsider who they ask to write shows. I just wrote a better one wiping my butt.

  • PhineasANDferbown thisshow!

    This show is terrible, too much homosexual innuendo why to these stupid corporate broadcasting stations obsess over making homosexuality acceptable. The fact is nobody in there right mind fucking cares, Im tired of shows trying to cater to all these sensitive subjects so that they can brain wash young people into thinking that its normal. Phineas and Ferb , although catered to a younger audience is leaps and bounds more entertaining and much more creative than this project MKULTRA type of garbage that Allen Gregory is.

  • BringBackRealCartoons!

    Tried to watch. NOT funny! Jonah Hill NOT funny ever! Please don’t green light anything with his name attached. BLAH!

  • Frank Provasek

    Officially cancelled. Good riddance.