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Artist of the Day: Joe Pitt

Joe Pitt, a designer on Wreck-It Ralph and director on the Disney show Gravity Falls, posts personal and professional work on his blog, such as this behind-the-scenes look at the process of developing the perfect design for gnome barf.

Joe Pitt

Recently he moved over to the position of Lead Character Designer for Craig McCracken’s new show, Wander Over Yonder, also in production at Disney.

Joe Pitt

Joe also synchs his blog-flow of art with Twitter, where you can occasionally see work like these pieces below from a personal project in development.

Joe Pitt ArtJoe Pitt
  • Shazbot

    “Gravity Falls” is superb in every way imaginable. Thanks, Joe.

  • Philip Vose

    oh Joseph..always being awesome! multi-talented and very clever.

  • Karzay

    Joe’s work is awesome!

  • jmahon

    Joe Pitt is an asset to everything he’s involved with- I can’t wait to see more about Wander over Yonder. Info about that has been locked up tight. So many great artists on that show, even if there’s a slim chance it isn’t all it’s touted to be, it’ll still be great!

  • Joe’s linework reminds me of someone cupping a baby bird that’s just fallen from its nest.

  • Said Omar Eshaq

    Wow I LOVE his work! So inspirational and fun.